The Truth About The Media

Posted: April 29, 2016 in Education, News Commentary
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The Truth About The Media. There are two sides to every story.

Here is my side that would be selectively edited or never aired on television.

Today I was featured in the news regarding covering a HISD French class and being unqualified. I am a certified teacher with a Bachelor’s of Science degree. I am not highly qualified because I am not certified in this particular subject. In my role, as a substitute teacher it is not required. The whole story is FAKE news, because I am a substitute not under contract as a full-time teacher as portrayed.

First and foremost most associate teachers are placed in positions on temporary or long-term basis. Education today has a real talent pool issue, but not because we do not have qualified teachers. We have a shortage of teacher’s across America, because many good ones are sick of the system and chose not to work, and some teachers have to be removed for a variety of reasons, from criminal issues, to not doing their jobs.

My job is to be as qualified as I can in an emergency wherever I am placed. I have had numerous assignments in all subjects. Often I have to learn new material on the spot and teach it the best I can. I am extremely reliable with a strong track record of success for over 13 years.

At times, I do better than the actual teacher of record. I have been placed in settings where the kids did not have success with a full-time teacher of record, and the students pass tests with me the associate (SUB) teacher. I even had a teacher ask me to adjust my teaching because benchmark tests in my room where better than there tests. This person told me I was making them look bad and as a substitute it did not matter, but for her it did.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for a full-time teacher of record to be terminated. Unions protect some of the worst people, and I am qualified to say this as I once worked as a union steward. Often teachers become tenured and think they are owed something special for just hanging around. They think,” I earned this right.” Right to what? Wasting taxpayer money to the tune of $65 or 70 k per year? As Mr. Cius stated in the interview. He is paid for doing nothing. What a waste!

The video that KHOU Channel 11 obtained of me walking into the school was illegally obtained by hiding on HISD property. Yes, you read it right. Trespassing. The reporter Jeremy Rogalski, contacted me via my private home number, and asked if I wanted to interview. I stated that I wished not too. I also followed up with e-mail stating that I was not interested in interviewing. The following day he, along with his camera man, hid beside my vehicle on HISD property, and tried to jump me. Good thing I keep my eyes open.

The photos of me in my classroom were also obtained without consent. I am certain a student took these photos. Now the funny thing is KHOU is being paid advertising dollars. My photos were used while KHOU made money. I have not been compensated. I do believe it is illegal to use a persons photo while making profit without compensation, but who knows, maybe the media is granted special privilege.

The question that was not asked on camera to the student being interviewed was this,” Do you speak French? Let me hear you carry a conversation in French that your teacher of record taught you. Do the majority of your French 2 classmates speak fluent French that you learned from your teacher of record? Did your associate teacher improve the bland classroom and try to decorate it a little? Does he give daily assignments? Do you all make your best effort in class to do your work?” The news media focus on the associate teacher was wrong. The focus should have been on the teacher of record, and why the teacher of record was put out of the classroom.

Another question that should have been asked by the reporter to the teacher of record, “What did you do to be removed from the classroom? They just do not arbitrarily remove teachers.” From my entrance day I can tell you unequivocally that the teacher of record stating on camera,”That the kids are not learning.” did not teach them well either. It was clear to me that many could not speak the French language after two years in his class. The reporter should have also asked, “Mr. Cius. Why do you take the taxpayers money for doing nothing at all? Because you just want a paycheck?”

Never have I been removed from a classroom in 13 years. I don’t expect to be either, because I do my job, and I do it well. My children attend HISD schools and are quite successful thus far. I am a graduate of HISD schools. HISD can be as good or bad as your want it and just like any other business they have great employees and bad employees. It is up to the individual to make that choice. There are people who have and people who do not have for a reason. Some chose to work and others do not.

The media needs to do a better job of ethical and honest reporting. Here are a few stories where the media got it right. This teacher I had personal dealings with. Interestingly, she did not like me assisting with class when I had knowledge to share.

I replace people like this because suddenly a class is without a teacher do to their poor choices.

Or this

I could go on and on about the need for associate teacher coverage and moral upstanding qualified teachers. It is a tough job for very low pay that many would not rather do, but I love it. I also know most of my students love and appreciate what I do for them. That is the best!

Until then remember there are always two sides to every story. If it came from Moyer, you know it is facts. I do not deal with twists or spins on stories using fiction.

And the fact is I am awesome at what I do.

Fact or fiction? The answer always lies in research.

If you know anymore facts regarding this issue perhaps students who talk to the misplaced teacher of record privately, or why this teacher of record may have been removed, please comment. If you know or can relate to this story, share what you know about schools around America.

Thank you for reading.

  1. Mary Ellen Lusher Zaborowski says:

    Yes, I’ve know Albert Moyer for some time now. I’m a retired Teacher/Coach from HISD and Grad from John H. Reagan like the rest of my family . It’s a shame the News Media did not get permission from Albert to do this horrible story. He is a fine Teacher who really cares his students. He has a lovely wife and his children attend HISD like their father once did. I saw the decline of HISD and retired!! Lets go to the top on 18th Street- Hattie Mae White Building . Let’s follow the dead beats there who earn lots of $$$$$$$ and see what they do for our kids in HISD……. nothing, except wonderful paid so called educational meetings ( Even taking them out of the country.. for what ????? PARTY !!!!!) and long lunches. Lets clean house with school board and then all the administration from superintendent to the principals.

  2. Rob McCann says:

    The UK Daily Mail linked your blog in their story – I’m glad they did because after reading your blog it adds a much needed perspective to the story. Often these types of stories are reported with hardly anything more than an attention grabbing headline and leave you with more questions than answers – like at Fox News where I first read the story.

    I would like to think they would do a more thorough investigation but they seem more concerned with breaking a story of getting a headline out there in the daily news cycle. I am fortunate in that I have never been in their cross hairs or had to deal with this type of public slandering – I imagine it must be very stressful and would make one very anxious.

    I hope all the facts come to light and a truly balanced story is reported by the media, sooner rather than later. Of course by then the headline won’t be as catchy and it probably would not garner nearly the same publicity as the original story full of speculation.

    Take care Moyer.

  3. Andy says:

    I would think HISD property is kind of public. Maybe I am wrong, but if my tax dollars pay for it, I can visit the property without “trespassing.”

  4. Mark Vick says:

    Yeah, the media is all about finding dirt where no dirt exists, and covering up dirt for the elite scumbags, in my opinion. Keep up the good work. Maybe someday we will be able to fix things like this, but when the bulk of the country is looking for lazy and Socialism, that is kind of where the median will trend. It will be part of the undoing of this country – that and the National Debt finally breaking our backs. Keep your head up and move forward! Hey – my son’s teacher walked out of the job a few months ago, and a replacement teacher appeared – no news story there. Just a business that needs to do a job, getting the job done how best they see fit. Heck, teach them finance, or automation – as long as they are LEARNING. If they are burning to engulf the French language, no teacher, good or bad, will stand in their way! I heard about a student the other day in Arabic – she converted her cell phone to Arabic. No that’s desire to learn, right there. And probably made it hacker proof, come to think of it . . . he he he Have a good one Albert – rest assured, there are folks out there with common sense that are behind you.

    • amoyer2013 says:

      Thank you Mark. My daughter has also experienced a teacher leaving and being replaced with a long-term associate. It happens. Our district is $211 million short and may need to cut staff. To me, that is a concern, but somehow the media decided to slush my name around. Thanks again for the support.

  5. Reginals Sanghs says:

    I hope that other sources link to this blog post. The fact that this poorly investigated story has gone so viral, dragging your name through the mud, is a clear indictment on what professes to be media today. I hope anyone who asks you for an interview is encouraged to report teachers like Mr. Cius who seems to be spinning the media to draw attention to a problem that he ultimately caused. Keep fighting the good fight.

    • amoyer2013 says:

      Thank you for seeing the clear picture. It is incidents like these along with a variety of other issues that keep people from teaching. For more reasons see my education section on blog.

  6. Xavier says:

    Je ne crois pas que quiconque remette en cause votre professionnalisme. Il est clair que vous avez été affecté à cette tâche dans l’urgence et vous faite du mieux que vous pouvez. C’est la situation qui est ubuesque. Il parait évident qu’un professeur de langue étrangère doive parler un minimum la langue qu’il enseigne, tout comme un professeur de math doit savoir faire des additions. C’est le système que le journaliste a voulu, peut-être maladroitement, dénoncer. S’il y a un manque de professeur de français aux USA peut-être serait-il intéressant de faire venir des francophones pour enseigner cette langue.
    A bientôt.

    • amoyer2013 says:

      Je vous remercie. Mon français est basique . Les médias menti . Je connais un peu plus de ” Bonjour . ” Il y avait un enseignant suppléant devant moi qui a quitté le travail. Ils ne pouvaient pas trouver quelqu’un , sauf moi qui avait quelque backround de base dans la langue française . Quand je suis arrivé à la classe de nombreux étudiants n’écrivent ou parlent le français . Ils égarés enseignant doit expliquer pourquoi cela est arrivé avec 25 ans d’expérience . Je fais de mon mieux dans un monde imparfait . Je vous remercie de vous des mots aimables .

  7. Madame Rose says:

    I understand that you are in a predicament. The higher ups should have been questioned. It is not your fault you were placed in the situation. That being said as a teacher myself- certified in French, it bothers me that they do this. A little bit of the language isn’t enough to teach others. Also teaching children to use a dictionary is going to be much more useful than google translate. Because google translate isn’t 100% and often has grammar mistakes. I hope that this problem works itself out. I have had several students who did not have a qualified French teacher. It is saddening because the kids got credits for something they’ve never learned. Hopefully they’ll get a new teacher and you’ll be put in a better spot.

    • amoyer2013 says:

      First let me state that I do not feel I am in a predicament at all. I am just one associate teacher of thousands across the United States that happens to be in a position I was assigned, and an angry teacher of record decided to make it news, and then the media had a sensationalized hit piece. I can certainly tell you that many kids who have foreign language teachers never learn, speak, or write the language. In fact, just about all teachers have kids that never learn a thing. You see learning is a two-way street. If the child refuses to listen, do their homework, and put a valiant effort into learning, it does not matter if you have a WORLD teacher of the year.

      The whole idea that someone needs to be a certified specialist for basic learning is crazy too. If certification was the answer to learning then all kids should be passing and grade inflation non-existent. I have met people with doctorates who cannot get themselves out of a cardboard box. I have also known people to cheat their way through college. Imagine that! A certified teacher or administrator who knows nothing because they cheated.

      The best teacher in the world right off is the parent. If your parent is not very smart that in itself poses a problem for learning, but is not a roadblock for the student that has drive. In fact, many educated uncertified parents are home-schooling and having excellent results. I am sorry to all the certified hard working teachers who are angry at associate teachers like myself who cover classes long-term without being highly-qualified, but I certainly never asked any teacher to commit crimes, abuse drugs, quit, be insubordinate, have affairs with students, or any of the other host of reasons I am called in to save the day. Do I always fill assignments for bad teachers? Absolutely not. There are many great teachers that need surgery, maternity leave, etc., and need coverage for a specified period of time. Whatever the situation, I do my best, and I sleep well knowing that.

      Just yesterday one of my students ask me, “Can you help me with Algebra? I need to know how to find the area of a circle with a circumference of 24pi.” I explained it, helped the student, and they got it. My role is jack-of-all-trades. Elementary, Middle School, Chemistry, Physics, Algebra, Calculus, Biology, Earth Science, Geometry, Trigonometry, World History, U.S. History, English, Economics, Political Science, Physical Education, Health, Music, Auto Mechanics, Woodworking, Cooking, Homemaking, etc. I have taught them all and have a basic, if not semi-advanced knowledge. I really know very few teachers that can do all of that.

      Hopefully certified teachers will realize that four years of college and a certificate does not necessarily make you a specialist or any better. It is just the beginning. I am in a great spot and I feel confident that my students are learning. As far as students receiving credit for not learning, that happens globally with certified teachers. My class has a teacher that cares. I will take that any day, even for my own children.

      Thank you for reading and stopping by my blog.

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