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Around us we are surrounded by so many different things. For some, it is overwhelming, because for whatever reason they just cannot take it all in. For others they just never notice their environment. To them life is boring. For me life has more to offer than I’ll ever take in or even remember. That is where the camera takes over! To capture those moments that create a curiosity, or something I see that I would like to remember. Be it a moment, piece of art, a tree, a bug, a bird, food, signs, etc, etc. There is so much out in our world to keep the mind pleasantly and happily occupied. With that said, here are twenty random photos I have seen just walking around in different environments. This is a first in a series I call random photos and there will be more along the way. Thank you for stopping by and happy shooting to all the fellow photographers that see the world. And for those of you that do not see the world, open your eyes, it is all around you. Some may say, I wish I had a camera. A great camera helps, but you can use a cell phone. All photos here were captured on a cell phone. The camera is in your pocket.


Gnome’s Wisdom – A Haiku

Alchemy, magic,

No the secret is reading,

There’s Gnome other way.

2018 Albert Moyer, Jr. Poetry and Photography

Calculator – A Haiku

Posted: May 22, 2018 in Poetry

Calculator – A Haiku

Arithmetic tool

Solving complicated math

Relieving brain strain

2018 Albert Moyer, Jr. Poetry and Photography


Push Pin – A Haiku

Holding to the wall

The end of your head is sharp

You do make a point

2018 Albert Moyer, Jr. Poetry and Photography

School Shooting- A Haiku

They Tormented me.

Nobody helped me. The gun

Is o.k., I’m not.

2018 Albert Moyer, Jr. Poetry


Perfume- A Haiku

Mixture of fragrance

Helping us smell so lovely

Pleasant scents you give

2018 Albert Moyer, Jr. Poetry and Photography


Pencils- A Haiku

For writing or art

Their abrasion leaves a trail


2018 Albert Moyer, Jr. Poetry and Photography