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A beautiful state park in East Texas with some of the best paddling trails in Texas. Here are a few photos from my trip. For more information

Degray lake is a beautiful state park in Arkansas that offers great facilities, wildlife, and a place to relax. Here are a few photos I took. For more information check it out here

Located in the Petit Jean River Valley of Arkansas is a beautiful state park with many hiking trails, a swimming pool, tennis courts, lake, fishing, etc. I really liked Cedar Falls. If you look close you will see the falls in the hole. The valley was amazing! The rock formations are called the turtles and the cave is Rock Cave. Here are a few of my photos while hiking several areas. For more information visit here



A few photos from my visit to this exceptional park in Arkansas. In the Bible Mount Nebo is the place where Moses died. Perhaps the name for this park is derived from the similarities in mountains. These photos were taken along the rim trail. To learn more about this park visit here

2,753 feet above the Petit Jean River Valley lies Mount Magazine. It is full of fantastic views, activities, wildlife, and excellent accommodations. For more information visit here


A while back I researched this area, and I wanted to travel there a few years back, but it was heavily flooded. This year there was no flood and I was looking for an escape free of people and full of fresh air. Beavers Bend State Park answered the call perfectly. It is like a one stop shop for adventure with horseback riding, zip lines, a train, kayaking, hiking, paddle boats, a marina with house boat rental, trout fishing, a lodge, cabins, wood and American Indian art by Choctaw Indians, and wildlife and nature. A few of my photos and a link to their page

I traveled to Caddo Lake to check this beautiful place off my bucket list. Being the only natural lake in Texas, it lives up to everything I have ever read about it, from the history, to the mysterious sightings of Bigfoot, to people just being people. I finally saw a Pileated Woodpecker! This park is definitely a place where you can get lost in the beauty and the overall vibe, which is detached from WiFi, electronics, and the craziness of urban life. Here are a few photos from my trip. Rich McFarlane, my tour guide, from Caddo Lake Bayou Tours was exceptional. I highly recommend his tour

Years ago, I had a medical doctor misdiagnosed me. Luckily for me, I caught it and took charge for my care telling the doctor what he should do. He listened and after further testing learned that the medicine he gave me caused his misdiagnoses. I knew that was the case through research. Since that time, I research medicine, because I realize not all doctors know everything. They only treat based on what they personally know. It serves you to be proactive in your care.

What I have learned about COVID-19 is it causes extreme inflammation of the human body. The blood vessels are attacked and it is like instant arteriosclerosis. I have also learned many of the COVID-19 deaths are do to arrhythmia’s/ heart attacks. Now many of these heart attacks are do to medicine. You see if you take anti-psychotic medicine it interacts with the COVID-19 treatment giving many heart attacks. The Hydroxychloroquine treatment being used with Azithromycin interacts negatively with Remdesivir, the high-priced drug being pushed. However, Hydroxychloroquine, has shown promise in many, but it has many interactions on it’s own.

Right now, many medical professionals have no idea what to do. They are experimenting on humans as they go, but one thing is certain. Many of your medications can interact with Remdesivir and cause you to die. This is not COVID-19 death. This is drug interaction death, but it will never be told to your family or listed as a cause.

What’s the point? You need to know if your drugs interact with COVID-19 treatment if you go to the hospital, because they may not check. You may have to tell them what medicine will work with your medicines without accidentally causing you drug induced death.

One of the biggest marker’s in COVID-19 inflammation is something called D-dimer. It seems to measure overall body inflammation for many things from arthritis to cancers.  We know COVID-19 causes a cytokine storm. This inflammation caused blood clots that overwhelm the body. We also know many people are obese and sick. That begs the question? Why are people obese, sick, and living a life of inflammation even before COVID-19. Why do some people walk up a flight of stairs and breath like they ran a 26 mile marathon? Folks it is your diet!

There is no evidence that diet can save a COVID-19 patient, but their is ample evidence that diet can reduce inflammation of your body. If COVID-19 causes inflammation, wouldn’t it make sense to have as little inflammation as possible? Outside of the drug induced deaths I mentioned, food related COVID-19 death is next on the list. A toxic mixture of chemicals from processed, unnatural food. Over-eating of junk that is no good for you.

As I research the COVID-19 death boards across the globe, I realize that deaths are much reduced in the Mediterranean region, Japan, and some Asian countries. You say, “Whoa! What a minute! What about all those Italians?” Well, most of the deaths were Northern Italians, not Southern Italians, who prescribe more to a Mediterranean diet of fish, chicken, fruits, and vegetables. Greece has also had less COVID-19, and far fewer deaths.

The Mediterranean diet contains many foods that reduce inflammation and contain salicyclic acid(aspirin), increase blood flow(natural blood thinners), and vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to improve your immune system. The Fast Food, vending machine, and heavy red meat diet consists of toxins that inflame your body.

Again, diet is no guarantee, but what life is about is increasing odds for success. If you are an investor you can lose all your money, but if you prepare, you have a better chance of making money. If you are a musician, athlete, chef, whatever you do, you have a much better odds of success, if you learn and prepare. Knowledge is power over many things.

May God be with us all during these trying times. Yes, research shows the faithful also have better odds in almost everything including illness. Below I will include a few info graphics and additional information I have picked up along the way. We are what we eat, believe, and learn. I hope this reaches millions and helps many.