Nails- A Haiku

These beautiful nails

Are not meant for hammering

They are for viewing.

2016 Albert Moyer, Jr. Poetry

Some of my favorite culinary creations for 2016. Mexican, American, Vegan, Indian, Mediterranean, African, Hamburgers, Russian, Italian, Greek, Dessert, I love it all!



These images were taken at the Sauer Beckmann Farm in Stonewall, Texas. This is a living history farm. The Sauer Beckmann’s were president Lyndon Johnson’s neighbors during the days of the Texas White House. These were days when you raised and grew your own food and did many chores manually. Men, women, children, and families worked hard together, praised God for their bounty of harvest, and did not sit around relying on handouts as much of modern America today.┬áProverbs 14:23 In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty.




2016 Albert Moyer, Jr. Photography Highland Village Shopping Center Houston


Enchanted Promenade by Tilt

2016 Albert Moyer, Jr. Photography Discovery Green Houston


Firmament by Christopher Schardt

2016 Albert Moyer,Jr. Photography Discovery Green Houston


Santa Claus – A Haiku

Jolly full of cheer.

Sleigh, presents, pulled by reindeer.

Happy kids each year.

2016 Albert Moyer, Jr. Poetry

Photo Google Images


Cipher- A Haiku

In front of your eyes

Mystery under your nose

Code you’ll never know.

2016 Albert Moyer, Jr. Poetry


Peppers- A Haiku

Fiery heat waits

Salivating mouth and tongue

Sweat beads on your head.

2016 Albert Moyer, Jr. Poetry

2016 Albert Moyer, Jr. Photography Serrano Peppers macro