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The Meadows Center is a preserve that protects some of the most pristine springs in Texas. The sight was once used for the movie Piranha and also an amusement park known as Aquarina Springs. The water is clear to 30 feet deep. It offers a great learning experience through the marsh and glass bottom boat tours.  Here you see the glass bottom boat, the Piranha movie sight, underwater view, cattails, a Texas Rio-Grande Cichlid, a turtle party, a Red-Tailed Hawk nest, a Water Hyacinth, a large Tilapia, a Green Heron, and a large Cypress tree.  For more information visit

2018 Albert Moyer, Jr. Photography




Whooping Crane – A Haiku

Red crown, long dark bill,

Five feet tall, and majestic.

Only a few left.

2014 Albert Moyer, Jr.



 No Water – A Haiku

Dehydration to

A severe constipation

Then no survival

2013 Albert Moyer, Jr.