Science Vs. God

Posted: February 12, 2014 in Education, Religion
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Recently, I went to a presentation by Dr. Hugh Ross, astrophysicist. Dr. Ross presented scientific data that points to the existence of God. He explained that he came to God based on this verse 1 Thessalonians 5:21 Test everything, but hold onto what is good. He explained that this is the scientific method. It is written in the Bible. I could not agree more, because science is the testing of a hypothesis. Science and God should never be enemies in my opinion.

One of the leading Atheists, Lawrence Krauss stated there must be a God. We know that during the Cambrian period we had a sudden rise in land masses and oxygen levels rose to sustainable levels for life. This coincides with Genesis and what God explained to us happened in the seven days of earth’s development. The book of Job also covers Earth’s development in chapters 37,38, and 39. Interestingly enough, we now know that scientifically Darwin did not get it right. Richard Dawkins even agrees that most vertebrates were found during the Cambrian period. All of this is based on the most recent science. God is allowing us to discover that he is real and that he created the universe.

The Bible is 4 for 4 and 10 for 10 on predicting accurate events regarding Earth. The Bible has over 200 scientifically accurate positions regarding the Earth. The probability of this happening without divine inspiration would be 10 to the 300th power. The Bible is the only historically accurate book regarding Earth’s development and it was written pre-science. The science of Christianity stands up with evidence against the most hostile community.

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  1. culturemonk says:

    I’ve read a few of Ross’s books and one of the problems I have with the whole angle of science and/or/versus the bible is that in all my travels I’ve simply not met a significant number of people who came to a belief in god via debating science with CHristians.

    Some Christians make entire careers out of debating atheists and agnostics on the subject of science and the bible……. but can they point to even a handful of atheists that came to a belief in god via their debates?

    Philosophy seems to be a much more worthy endeavor. When I consider someone like Francis Schaeffer or C.S. Lewis, they appear to have been much more influential in leading people to a belief in God then the science/bible apologists.

    All that being said, I still would of enjoyed attending the lecture, lucky you 🙂

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