And the little child cried out, ” I want my mommy!” As the heinous, self-centered, man

raped him. He grabbed a ligature and said, “Shut up! Never mind, you will hurt no more.”

The wife cried,”Oh, please! Do not shoot my husband.” Bam! The gun went as

he dropped to the ground in a pool of blood in front of his kids.

The murderous robber ran away. She is now a widow with fatherless kids.

The elderly couple lived a long happy life only to come home one day

and find an intruder in their home. The intruder grabbed a bat and hit and beat them.

Their blood scattered across the walls as they screamed in fear and agony.

Both of them fall dead of a painful, horrendous death.

OMG! This plays out daily all over America, but in Texas,

we have something for these guiltless heathens who feel

they have a right to terrorize, bring pain, agony, fear, and evil upon us.

It is called, “THE WALLS.”

The Walls is the last stop for those who kill and do the worst

that mankind can think of.

Once behind that big steel door, there is a nice gurney for the killers to be strapped to,

so they can receive the lethal injection.

Unfortunately, we have people who feel these thugs should feel no

pain, or anything remotely near what they caused others.

So guess what? They get a needle with poison that slowly puts them

painlessly to sleep so they are no longer a menace to anyone else.

Those that are against the death penalty will never have my support.

For all the honest law men and guards, God Bless you all for what you do.

“The Walls” a Texas treasure for the innocent.

2014 Albert Moyer, Jr.

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