Stephen F. Austin High School Garden Area Black and Whites

Posted: November 12, 2017 in Photography
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Do you ever look out and suddenly see beauty? Well, that happened to me as I strolled through Stephen F. Austin High School’s garden courtyard area. This school has been around for 80 plus years and soon it will meet the wrecking ball. Older buildings just have a special photographic architecture and beauty about them. These photos captured a place and time that will soon be no more other than history.

  1. Is this the one over by University of Houston? That one was bustling with activity when I lived in Houston 1977-1983.

    • Correct. It was a top notch school during those years. Actually most Houston ISD schools were rock solid. Broken homes, single parents, no religion now. A lot has changed and not for the better future of mankind.

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