Amish Country Pennsylvania

Posted: December 13, 2017 in Travel
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Do you ever take so many photos that some just slip by you? That happened to me with these awesome photos I took while traveling Amish country in Pennsylvania. The Amish are some of the friendliest people I have ever met. They do much of their work by hand the old-fashioned way and have a way that is just perfect for their community. The homemade baked goods are the best! I love the Amish!

  1. My grandparents lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania–so we often drove through Amish country. It’s very quaintly beautiful there.

  2. I go out 6 days a week for 6 hours a day and take pictures. I come home with an average of 500 photos. Then I spend the rest of the day cataloging them so that nothing gets by me.

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