San Antonio Botanical Garden

Posted: June 22, 2019 in Flowers, Photography

The San Antonio Botanical Garden is a place that was well-thought out for those who like walking and viewing a variety of garden like environments in a peaceful setting. There are exhibits that cover urban farming, Japanese gardens, hill country gardens, rose gardens, tropical gardens, cactus and succulent gardens, fern gardens, ponds, Texas native trails, and bird watching blinds. There is not as much canopy in Zilker Botanical Garden in Austin which I wrote about last year, but there are ample spots to re-hydrate and the tropical green house has air conditioning. Even though it was 100 degrees I had a blast taking hundreds of photos. Here are a few and I hope you make a trip to the San Antonio Botanical Garden to enjoy it’s peace and beauty. San Antonio Botanical Garden


  1. chattykerry says:

    I am in awe of your photographs! Bet you have a really good camera as well as a great eye. 📷 Our red tailed hawks are upsetting the noisy jays just now so your jay photo makes me wince…😁

    • Thank you for noticing my camera eye. Yes, Red-Tailed Hawks will do quite a number on the smaller aviary community. The camera I use is a Nikon B500 or at times just the Samsung Android Camera. For these photos it was the B500. I have really taken a liking to the modern technology developments which allow for quick point and shoot with minimal adjustments versus a DSLR which during adjustment can cause one to lose a great photo shot. Many of the point and shoots do it well without loss of quality. The latest and greatest is the Nikon P1000 ($999) which will do what many DSLR’s do that cost thousands of dollars. At the rate of technology I imagine we will have Android cameras that can shoot satellite quality photos someday.

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