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Besides photography, poetry, travel, dining out, cooking, and the other things I blog about I also spend a great deal of time playing my drums.  On my YouTube channel I have been posting many songs as of late featuring my practice sessions. I often pick 15 random songs and just sit down and play them. Sometimes I listen to them a few times and other times I just sit down and go for it. Drums for me are cardio, therapy, enjoyment, and somewhat spiritual in a sense. Music in general is a great love of mine. It is something I definitely love versus say a video game or watching T.V. all day, and there is always the added bonus of playing with a band and making a little money. Thank you to all my fellow bloggers for the kind comments and checking out my material.

Albert Moyer, Jr. YouTube Channel


Drums- A Haiku

Hit with hands or sticks

Rhythms pulsate causing dance

The heart of music.

2014 Albert Moyer, Jr.

Photo Wiki Commons

This is what it looks like from behind my kit when I am playing rock n roll. This photo taken at Irish Stew Festival Gig in Houston before a show.

A Drummer’s View


This is what it looks like when I am playing a Cajun music gig. Only the basics. This photo taken in Baton Rouge at Cajun Music Dance U.T.C. Hall.


This is what it looks like when I am playing Jazz or some other gig that needs less volume.

Photo taken at Bohemeo’s in Houston.


And finally this is what it looks like when I dream about another drum kit. Hahaha!

A big vintage Ludwig Vistalite Kit.

Photo from Google Images.