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After having a variety of species of fish over the years, I have learned to love and appreciate the guppy. Guppies are fairly easy to care for, colorful, and give birth to live young. A person who has guppies will never need to purchase fish again. You will be able to give people guppies, because they breed prolifically. They males are so active, one would think they produce their own Viagra. Laughs!

I saw this photo floating around on the internet, and I am not sure captured it, but it is fantastic! I have tried to take photos of my guppies, but their tails flutter like butterfly wings, and they constantly move about. This makes it almost impossible.

So here’s to guppies!


One of the more interesting things in the Freshwater aquarium world is the flower shrimp. I decided to photograph my personal shrimp . Flower shrimp open appendages on their arms wide like a flower to capture food particles.  They are filter feeders. They then close the flower and feed it into their mouth. They are easy to care for so long as you have community fish, preferably live plants, and nothing aggressive.