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As technology and science move forward, we see new abilities that have never been available to us. The question from theologists are, “Should we do this? Are we playing God?” From a science perspective, there is a possibility of being able to help babies to be born healthy without genetic abnormalities.

Three Parents Babies. What do you think? Should we allow this science to proceed?


I am always amazed at what people can think up when it comes to technology, and it is not always electronic. This morning on my way to work, I noticed a man peddling his bike while standing up the whole time. I did some research and found the bike. It is called an Elliptigo. This gives runners and bikers a whole new option for exercise.


My computer has been slow lately and I used everything under the sun to test it for Malware/Adware/Viruses. I even ran the Windows utilities Scan Disk and Disk defragmentor. To no avail, I could not figure it out, until I downloaded the following test utility for hard drives.

After I ran the scan, I found that my hard drive is on the verge of crashing after four years. I now have time to replace it and mirror it before it is gone.

Crystal Disk is one awesome program!

So here is a spy drone that is the size of a mosquito. This drone can be remotely controlled for eavesdropping, and is equipped with a camera, and microphone. There is rumor that it’s bite can even take a sample of your DNA or implant an RFID tracking device using nanotechnology. Whatever the case, technology is moving right along at a speedy pace. I wonder if OFF repellent works against this thing. Laughs!



Smart Boards remind me of a lot of humans that cannot think. You know the ones that are like robots, that only respond, and follow, with no ability to lead.

Smart Board

They call me Smart Board.

I am unable to think.

I only respond.

2013 Albert Moyer, Jr.



Here are links for information on computers or just trying to learn what the latest and greatest  technology is. They are very informative for professionals or home users.