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Everyday all over America children are wasting free food that is provided by tax payers. The food manufacturers are in bed with the school systems and government. They sell units and receive credits for each unit. In other words, money. In one school alone, anywhere between 10 to 20 gallons a milk go to waste daily, and close to 50 or more pounds of food. When you add up how many schools are giving away breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this adds up to a ton of money for food manufacturers, and a lot of wasted tax dollars. Worse yet, this food could feed the truly hungry.

I took this photo before this food was thrown away. Several of these plates went into the trash. Perfectly good food. If you are homeless or hungry, a school dumpster is a great place for food. I wish American’s would get pissed off like Martin Luther King, Jr. or Ralph Nader, and rally against the crime of a broken system. It is ridiculous!!


As technology and science move forward, we see new abilities that have never been available to us. The question from theologists are, “Should we do this? Are we playing God?” From a science perspective, there is a possibility of being able to help babies to be born healthy without genetic abnormalities.

Three Parents Babies. What do you think? Should we allow this science to proceed?

Being a teacher, I am consistently worried about the quality of future workers. It is quite amusing to me that we have a society that does everything to encourage failure. We no longer hold students accountable for their actions, or their work. Students have learned that they can “CHILL” in class and still be passed. Hundreds of thousands of students across America are allowed to disrupt classroom instruction, turn in no work, and they can still earn a passing grade. It is an epidemic!

It is not the teachers fault either. Teachers are told what to do on most occasions, rule followers with less thinking outside of the box, and are often asked to pass students along.  If they fail them, they are threatened with repercussions, or loss of employment.  Administrators enjoy six figure salaries while knowingly lying about the very quality of their schools. All of this decline is implemented by our government through policy. Does it make sense? I do not think so. It is alarming! Our financial system is also built on fuzzy math, debt, and much dishonesty.

The sad part of it all is that we keep telling ourselves we are #1. The best in the world. The best in the world cannot operate on dishonesty without it catching up. The alarm bells are ringing all around, but I am afraid nobody is listening. The attitude of the average American is,”If it’s not affecting me, then I am not worried about it.” Unfortunately, fire spreads, and eventually those who do not care will get burned too.  We are so worried with other countries and terrorism, but the reality is we are our own worst enemy, because we our not taking care of our own backyard.



Official patch of NRO L-19 mission

Today the U.S. launched an ultra secret spy satellite nrol-65 that did not make the mainstream media except for a few internet sites. You can read about it here Signs of the season or conspiracy? O.k., if it is conspiracy why dragons, snakes, stars, sorcery, chains, flames, devils, etc. Why not angels, doves, and lambs? Why do we need to tear down crosses? Why are we being spied upon both in America and globally, and why are more spy satellites and equipment operations commencing at break neck speed? Why are things once considered evil being mainstreamed at the detriment to society? It doesn’t take one long to figure out that everything good for mankind is being slowly dismantled and replaced with unhealthy options and choices. At some point all the bricks will be removed and people will say,”We have no cover. ” During that time, it will be a very dark period for those who accept. Symbolism is around for those in the know, and for others to find out what it all means.

Here is a site that describes some of the more sinister patches of the spy satellite program.

Top 10 Most Sinister PSYOPS Mission Patches

To see all the patches check out

If you’re in the light, you can only come to the conclusion that some very dark things are happening, and it is happening really fast.


People nowadays are looking all over for energy because they are drained. It is easy for one to have hope in a can or bottle, because that takes very little effort other than opening it and drinking it down. That is why most people lack energy to begin with on their part. They lack an effort to eat right, exercise, socialize, push themselves, and all the other great things God gave us to be happy and full of energy. So there is my blurb on this blog.

The latest on so-called energy drinks.

Studies warn against energy drinks before workout
Thursday, August 1, 2013
Always down an energy drink before working out because it seems to really
get the blood pumping? Think again, according to new research.
Houston cardiologist John Higgins tested the effect of a 24-ounce Monster
beverage on his own heart function and the effect of the amount of caffeine
in an energy drink on the blood flow of healthy young and not-so-young
people before and after a workout. In both cases, the results were
disruptive enough to cause Higgins to advise against pre-workout
“Energy drinks really aren’t good for you anytime, but especially before a
workout,” said Higgins, a professor at the University of Texas Medical
School at Houston. “You should have water or a sports drink instead.”
In a July paper in the International Journal of Cardiology, Higgins reported
that his cardiac blood vessels became sluggish and didn’t open as well after
drinking the Monster beverage, compared to their function before
consumption. Cardiac measurements showed function was significantly
decreased at 50 minutes and acutely decreased at 90 minutes.
In an August paper in the American Journal of Medicine, Higgins found 200 mg
tablets of pure caffeine reduced the heart’s blood flow during subsequent
exercise by 22 percent among participants whose average age was 27 and by 14
percent among participants whose average age was 58.
Higgins suspects the culprit it is not just the caffeine but its interaction
with some other ingredient in energy drinks. He will try to identify the
exact cause in future research, he said.
Higgins, who said he wasn’t hardcore enough to test on himself the vascular
effects of the not recommended but still popular pastime of mixing energy
drinks and alcohol, will present his research on the vascular effects of
caffeinated energy drinks at an Institute of Medicine workshop in Washington
next week.