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Schlitterbahn New Braunfels has been the #1 water park in America for several years do to its proximity to the Comal River, innovating ride technology, free parking, and the ability to carry your own food in and have a picnic. You have water coasters, tube shoots, water slides, surfing with Boogie Bahn,  and several water play areas for children. In the old section of the park the water is non-chlorinated Comal River water flowing through the rides at 72 degrees. A nice chill that keeps one cool in Texas summer heat and definitely original. I have never seen it done at any water parks in America. I am proud to say I have been chilling out at Schlitterbahn New Braunfels since the opening in 1979.  New Braunfels sister city is Braunfels, Germany, and after a visit to Schlitterbahn you will understand why because German heritage is everywhere. For more information check out their site at

Here are a few photos I took at the park last week. I hope they inspire you to find your way their and enjoy a day of fun.

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Located in San Antonio, Texas is a huge rollercoaster with more camel back humps than one can imagine. The name of this coaster is Steel Eel. This rollercoaster seems to expand almost half the length of SeaWorld. The Steel Eel is three minutes of pure exhilaration! From the acceleration of the first drop, to the last little camel back hump, one will be glad that they are strapped in at the thighs with a lap bar. At the top of every hump, one is thrown up out of their seat, as if being on a saddle of a bucking bronco. Your hair flies in the almost tropical storm force breeze generated by the 65 mp.h. top speed.  With a 15o foot first drop, it is the tallest coaster at any SeaWorld park. If you love coasters, give it a spin.

All photos taken by Albert Moyer, Jr.

IMG_9991wp IMG_9978 IMG_9968

At Six Flags Fiesta Texas, in San Antonio, Texas, they have something scarier and wilder than the movie. It is known as Poltergeist. This coaster is INSANE! I have ridden many and this one is right at the top of my adrenaline list. You take off like your on an air craft carrier, and then suddenly you are in an out of control dogfight.

If you are a coaster lover, give it a try. You will be glad you did.

You’ll reach top speed in 3.4 seconds.

There are four inversions hidden in the spaghetti bowl layout.

You’ll experience 55 twists and turns.