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Some of my favorite culinary creations for 2016. Mexican, American, Vegan, Indian, Mediterranean, African, Hamburgers, Russian, Italian, Greek, Dessert, I love it all!



When it comes to food there is so much to love. However, there is not much to love about America fast food. Fast food is cheap, chemical laden slop, that makes Americans ill, and corporations money. With that said, I tend to enjoy foreign food, because there is pride in the dishes. The food isn’t about being quick or taking short cuts in the name of time or profit. It is about community, health, family, and love.

Here is a small sampling of my many favorites dishes in photos.

Thanks Google Images and the many great photographers!

 Waldorf Salad 800px-New_England_clam_bake 2012-08-05T14-22-15 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Bandeja-Paisa015 banh-mi Basil-and-Cheese-Thin-Crust-pizza-002 Cajun-Food Carribbean CB67C782-A60C-4483-81FD093EF6F110E3 chopsx2 CobbSalad Corn_beef_Reuben_sandwich dosirak-box-korean-bento enchiladas-verdes-a french german-food huevos-motulenos-jul-04 IMG_0117 IMG_2881 Indian_food_set IrishStew-014 Lebnanese lengua lobster-dock-roll Mocha-and-cheesesteak-071 Nazareth Cafe - Doro Wat 003 pad-thai4 Paella_de_marisco_01 picgJUqxs polish_food Pupusas-with-Curtido SashimiBento Smorrebrod-hi Strawberry and Avocado Spinach Salad 500 street-food swedish food recipes 3


It comes so many ways.

It can sustain us, or if we indulge make us sick.

It can bring us great memories, happiness, and sometimes  pain.

It is LIFE!

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