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Years ago, I had a medical doctor misdiagnosed me. Luckily for me, I caught it and took charge for my care telling the doctor what he should do. He listened and after further testing learned that the medicine he gave me caused his misdiagnoses. I knew that was the case through research. Since that time, I research medicine, because I realize not all doctors know everything. They only treat based on what they personally know. It serves you to be proactive in your care.

What I have learned about COVID-19 is it causes extreme inflammation of the human body. The blood vessels are attacked and it is like instant arteriosclerosis. I have also learned many of the COVID-19 deaths are do to arrhythmia’s/ heart attacks. Now many of these heart attacks are do to medicine. You see if you take anti-psychotic medicine it interacts with the COVID-19 treatment giving many heart attacks. The Hydroxychloroquine treatment being used with Azithromycin interacts negatively with Remdesivir, the high-priced drug being pushed. However, Hydroxychloroquine, has shown promise in many, but it has many interactions on it’s own.

Right now, many medical professionals have no idea what to do. They are experimenting on humans as they go, but one thing is certain. Many of your medications can interact with Remdesivir and cause you to die. This is not COVID-19 death. This is drug interaction death, but it will never be told to your family or listed as a cause.

What’s the point? You need to know if your drugs interact with COVID-19 treatment if you go to the hospital, because they may not check. You may have to tell them what medicine will work with your medicines without accidentally causing you drug induced death.

One of the biggest marker’s in COVID-19 inflammation is something called D-dimer. It seems to measure overall body inflammation for many things from arthritis to cancers.  We know COVID-19 causes a cytokine storm. This inflammation caused blood clots that overwhelm the body. We also know many people are obese and sick. That begs the question? Why are people obese, sick, and living a life of inflammation even before COVID-19. Why do some people walk up a flight of stairs and breath like they ran a 26 mile marathon? Folks it is your diet!

There is no evidence that diet can save a COVID-19 patient, but their is ample evidence that diet can reduce inflammation of your body. If COVID-19 causes inflammation, wouldn’t it make sense to have as little inflammation as possible? Outside of the drug induced deaths I mentioned, food related COVID-19 death is next on the list. A toxic mixture of chemicals from processed, unnatural food. Over-eating of junk that is no good for you.

As I research the COVID-19 death boards across the globe, I realize that deaths are much reduced in the Mediterranean region, Japan, and some Asian countries. You say, “Whoa! What a minute! What about all those Italians?” Well, most of the deaths were Northern Italians, not Southern Italians, who prescribe more to a Mediterranean diet of fish, chicken, fruits, and vegetables. Greece has also had less COVID-19, and far fewer deaths.

The Mediterranean diet contains many foods that reduce inflammation and contain salicyclic acid(aspirin), increase blood flow(natural blood thinners), and vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to improve your immune system. The Fast Food, vending machine, and heavy red meat diet consists of toxins that inflame your body.

Again, diet is no guarantee, but what life is about is increasing odds for success. If you are an investor you can lose all your money, but if you prepare, you have a better chance of making money. If you are a musician, athlete, chef, whatever you do, you have a much better odds of success, if you learn and prepare. Knowledge is power over many things.

May God be with us all during these trying times. Yes, research shows the faithful also have better odds in almost everything including illness. Below I will include a few info graphics and additional information I have picked up along the way. We are what we eat, believe, and learn. I hope this reaches millions and helps many.




I have long been a fan of nuts. I love them in breads, cereal, salads, or just to snack. Some say they cost too much, but I say,”They are a lot cheaper than prescription drugs.” So eat more nuts!

We have all known for a while now that fried foods are bad for us.  Here is another reason to avoid them. Acrylamides! They are a known carcinogen.

Corporate producers of food want you to believe there is no difference between what they create, grow, or fatten up, and super size, versus what is happening naturally when an animal is on its own. Here are some photos that show there are differences. Often there is color and size differences. People are being super-sized by the chemicals added to their food. Buy and eat organic! Don’t be misled by those who want your money, but will let your health fall apart.

Wild Salmon deep coloration vs. Farmed Salmon with Dye Coloring added

Notice the farmed salmon is much fattier


Pastured Organic Free-Range Egg vs. Caged Up Commercial Farmed Bird Fed Man-Made Feed


Farm Raised Caged Chicken vs. Free Range Organic Chicken

Farmed chicken loaded with fat


Fertilized with man-made chemicals vs. Organic natural Strawberry

Almost all produce has been super-sized like this with fertilizer that harms you and the environment


Farmed-caged Feed Lot Beef (Fatty) vs. Free Range Beef (Where cows roam and eat grass)


Farmed Salmon top Vs. Wild Salmon bottom



Let’s all hope this doesn’t become the next big thing, because it is really NASTY! Your flesh eats away while you get high.


Krokodil originated in Russia but has spread across the world at an alarming rate.

It has become so popular because it is three times cheaper to produce and buy than heroin and the intense high lasts for an hour and a half.

Dubbed ‘the drug that eats junkies’, it rots from the inside, causing such severe damage to tissue that users suffer from gangrenous sores which open all the way to the bone.

Continual use of Krokodil causes blood vessels to burst, leaving skin green and scaly among addicts eventually causing gangrene and their flesh to begin to rot.

Rabid use in Russia has caused up to 2.5 million people to register and seek treatment as addicts and the average life span for a user is only two to three years.

The condition can lead to limbs being amputated, but life expectancy for addicts is at the most two to three years, with the majority dying within a year.

The drug, whose name means ‘crocodile’ – reportedly a reference to the way it turns users’ skin scaly – also rots their brains.

Krokodil is a sickening cocktail of over the counter painkillers, paint thinner, acid and phosphorus. In some cases, petrol is also added.

The resulting mixture is called desomorphine – a derivative of morphine – and is extremely addictive.

Exercise As Good As Pills

Posted: October 2, 2013 in Health

One of the topics I have been preaching about for years has been confirmed scientifically. Exercise is as good as pills for many ailments and diseases. Read about it here.

Is low-fat always good?

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Health
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I see people eat low-fat pre-packaged foods on a regular basis. Interestingly, they are not losing any weight. They actually become more ill. The real problem is they are sedentary, and they want magic weight loss food that they can open without effort, and warm or eat instantly.

Here is the skinny on low-fat diets. Health education is the way to go. Be informed.

After reading this article, I found it enlightening because it is correct in so many ways. I did not live years ago, but something tells me that when men spent the majority of their day working and providing for their family, and woman spent the day taking pride in raising their children, cooking wonderful dinners, keeping the house in order, and doing traditional motherly work, their minds had less time to wonder, worry, compare, and want all the time.

With today’s society, a woman can have so many insecurities and baggage with no outlet for it. With the T.V. shows, a woman can formulate her values based on what she thinks is cool by what is presented to her. She can also get her values from her friends. The wrong group of females can take a woman down the wrong path A.S.A.P.  A woman can believe that she should not work, do anything within the home, and her life is to shop, relax, and run around all day, while she searches for a man to tolerate or provide for her. If he doesn’t, it is his fault. Wrong men! That is a misguided woman. Whoa to the man with a woman like that, but unfortunately there are a lot of them out there. On the flip side, there is the career woman who thinks that because she is just as ballsy as a man, and she brings home the bacon, she has to do nothing. You really cannot have a career man and woman in the house that work all the time if there are children, unless you want someone else to be the parent. If you have no children, it can amount to a power struggle.

So men, do not tolerate your woman trying to blame you for her problems. Her baggage and insecurities are for her to own and deal with. You can lend and ear, talk, and perhaps make a suggestion men, but at the end of the day, what is in her mind is her problem. She has to fix it. Unfortunately, a woman can be very manipulative. She will try to make you feel guilty and work your mind into believing you are to blame. If it becomes an annoyance for you that is unbearable, let her go. Otherwise, she will just be poison in your veins.—money-exes-alcohol-cause-conflict.html

People nowadays are looking all over for energy because they are drained. It is easy for one to have hope in a can or bottle, because that takes very little effort other than opening it and drinking it down. That is why most people lack energy to begin with on their part. They lack an effort to eat right, exercise, socialize, push themselves, and all the other great things God gave us to be happy and full of energy. So there is my blurb on this blog.

The latest on so-called energy drinks.

Studies warn against energy drinks before workout
Thursday, August 1, 2013
Always down an energy drink before working out because it seems to really
get the blood pumping? Think again, according to new research.
Houston cardiologist John Higgins tested the effect of a 24-ounce Monster
beverage on his own heart function and the effect of the amount of caffeine
in an energy drink on the blood flow of healthy young and not-so-young
people before and after a workout. In both cases, the results were
disruptive enough to cause Higgins to advise against pre-workout
“Energy drinks really aren’t good for you anytime, but especially before a
workout,” said Higgins, a professor at the University of Texas Medical
School at Houston. “You should have water or a sports drink instead.”
In a July paper in the International Journal of Cardiology, Higgins reported
that his cardiac blood vessels became sluggish and didn’t open as well after
drinking the Monster beverage, compared to their function before
consumption. Cardiac measurements showed function was significantly
decreased at 50 minutes and acutely decreased at 90 minutes.
In an August paper in the American Journal of Medicine, Higgins found 200 mg
tablets of pure caffeine reduced the heart’s blood flow during subsequent
exercise by 22 percent among participants whose average age was 27 and by 14
percent among participants whose average age was 58.
Higgins suspects the culprit it is not just the caffeine but its interaction
with some other ingredient in energy drinks. He will try to identify the
exact cause in future research, he said.
Higgins, who said he wasn’t hardcore enough to test on himself the vascular
effects of the not recommended but still popular pastime of mixing energy
drinks and alcohol, will present his research on the vascular effects of
caffeinated energy drinks at an Institute of Medicine workshop in Washington
next week.

A lot of times I am asked about my life and how I accomplish things. “Help! I hear.” Sometimes, I am the one asking for,”Help!”

So today, I decided to do a post about the things that benefit me, and I know can benefit others. These ten things can change your life.

Help! It’s right here.

1. Banks- Banks have a main goal that is to make money and earn interest off their assets. Their goal is really not the customer even though they must pretend that they love      you to death. Banks have high priority for those who are ultra-wealthy and low priority for most of society. They often see the lower-income earners as burdens even though they are glad to have what little money you own to help their bottom line, which is to make money. So with that said, don’t pay the banks! Pay yourself! How do you pay yourself? Invest in stocks, mutual funds, and bonds that pay you interest(money). Avoid credit cards and borrowing! If you don’t have the money, then don’t buy it! Do not give the banks extra money, so that you can have a depreciating (losing money) asset. Think assets (what pads or lines your pocket), not liabilities (things that take away from your money).

2. Insurers- Insurers protect you from liability(responsibility to pay for loss) and protect the things your own(assets). Many times, we do not have the necessary cash flow to pay for huge losses. With that said, buy insurance on everything of value, that you cannot replace with the cash you have on hand. I believe in insuring everything possible.Insurance can be expensive, but the price is small when you have a disaster.

3. Retail purchases and autos- Purchasing anything new is like throwing money away in the trash. Why? Almost anything new loses extreme cash value. Purchase clothes, shoes, goods, and autos used so that someone else can lose the cash value and take the big depreciation hit for you. In return, you are benefiting your assets and helping the environment by recycling. The money saved can be invested so that you are paying yourself.

4. Groceries- Purchase fruits and vegetables that are in season so that you get the best value. Buy dry goods and other items in bulk if you have storage capacity to save money. Buy organic foods when possible to avoid chemically laden food products. Natural foods will save your retirement money for you and not prescription drugs to maintain your health. Avoid most cleaning products because they often do not work as stated and they are hazardous. One can clean and disinfect almost everything with bleach, lemon juice, vinegar, and soap.

5. Entertainment-  Always look for early season bargains on passes to museums, zoos, water parks, amusement parks, etc. The passes allow you to go to a place as much as you want without paying for a ticket every visit. The passes usually pay for themselves within one or two visits. For movies, hit the matinees and save up to 25% per ticket. If you want to take it further, pack your own food. This is always healthier and a huge savings.

6. Health- Avoid all drugs (prescription and illegal) as much as possible. The body hates drugs especially your stomach, liver, and kidneys. Avoid alcohol as much as possible and limit to no more than one drink a day maximum. Eat as many plant-based foods as you want, love and use fresh garlic, and limit consumption of animal products. Diets high in vegetables, grains, and fruits help you to have the power to enjoy life in your senior years and save your retirement money for trips and not prescription pills. At my age, I am watching friends far apart and break down, because they never took the lifestyle choice of being healthy serious. Protect your skin from the sun with sunscreen and clothing for that beautiful youthful look. Drink plenty of water and limit sugary drinks. I would say to avoid all man-made food additives as much as possible especially monosodium glutamate (makes you gain weight)  and high fructose corn syrup (diabetes link).

7. Donate- Donate what you do not need to charity organizations or others. Donate time to help make a difference in the environment or someones life. Donating time, money, and goods are great for the soul and health of the body. Another added benefit is the government recognizes the importance of donating and often many things can be used as a tax write off.

8. Religion- Prescribe to a faith and stick to its teachings as much as possible. I say as much as possible, because it is unreal to expect perfection. Of course, I am bias to Jesus Christ and Christianity, because Jesus washes me clean even though I am a sinner. Many religions base salvation on good works, but you can never have enough good works. It is impossible! We can never be perfect and Jesus knows this. A benefit of religion is added years to your life which is backed by research. It also gives one and improved state of mind and greater outlook on life.

9. Human relations- Listen and watch a person to know their heart and state of mind. Know who they hang around. Unfortunately, not everyone is nice or good. If something is great and another tells you it is bad, then you must realize that person is bad. If committing a certain act is bad and another tries to convince you it is o.k. that person is bad. Great people work to bring you up, help you, and show you good things. Bad people are the opposite because they tear you down, do not help you or your life, and they will show you in the worst way how not to be successful. A rattlesnake has a pattern and rattle for a reason. To warn you of it’s danger! Humans also have patterns and characteristics.

10. Education- I cannot state it enough! Read, study, and learn all that you can about as many topics as you can. Be a renaissance man/woman!