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When you want candy or ice cream this is the best stop in the heart of The Strand district on Galveston Island. La King’s will cure your sweet tooth! It has been around many years and survived a few hurricanes along the way. Here are a few photos. Oh, yum! For more information visit their website¬†

Sweet Tooth

Lollipop sweetness

Leaves me so breathless

Midget sweet flavorful roll

Tootsie you pleasure my soul

Kit Kat scrumptious

Skittles fruity sweet

Kisses can’t be beat

Snickers caramel peanut

The Almond Joy coconut

M & M’s a treat

Peanut Butter Cups

Candy I worship

The stars are up Milky Way

Whopper malt balls save the day

Sweet tooths they gossip