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2022 continued where 2020 and 2021 left off. It was another awkward year with many events affecting supply chains, gatherings, etc. Again, I focused my culinary energy on the good times. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Special days and holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. For me a meal means so much more than filling my stomach. Often there are good times involved and the meal is a marker of those good times. I can often look at the meal photo and remember what happened while I was enjoying it. It was great to share so many great meals with so many great people in 2022. It was also great to try a few new dishes. Super memories! This year, like last year, I have chosen to squeeze in some photos of my own dishes as well as some of the dishes I enjoyed while eating out. Food is not only great to taste and enjoy, but a beautiful sight to see. Thank you for supporting my blog with your readership. It’s been ten years of writing about many things now. Wow, time flies! It’s been an awkward year, but a great year. May God continue to provide. And may we all learn to love, live, enjoy great meals together, and get along in the way God intended. Bon Appetit!