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Deep Ellum is an urban oasis just East of downtown Dallas, Texas. All throughout the area one will find eclectic shops and independent business along with excellent food. While visiting, I took a few photos of the area. Have a look, enjoy, and make your own visit. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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Billy Bob’s, located in Fort Worth, Texas, is the largest honky-tonk in the world at around 100,000 square feet. The club can hold close to 6,000 patrons. This club has activities, food, live music, and more bars than the most serious drinker can handle. To add to all that excitement, they have live bull-riding in the club. The club is notorious for attracting some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Inside the handprints of stars can attest to that. The place has a slight museum quality to it along with it being a spot for many films. It is a great place to have a great time with friends or to meet some new ones. Here are a few photos I took while doing a tour before the crowds arrived. Enjoy the photos and for more info on Billy Bob’s view their website here.

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The Gaylord Texan is the largest most magnificence hotel/resort I have ever seen. It is located in wonderful Grapevine, Texas. The people in Grapevine are courteous, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and might I add it is the Christmas Capitol Of Texas. This hotel can cater to the smallest wedding, or the largest of corporate events, because of their massive convention center on location. There are four fantastic restaurants serving Italian, Mexican, American Fair, and a Steakhouse. My favorite is the River Cantina. It provides the feel of being right on the San Antonio Riverwalk. Out of ten stars, I give this hotel and eleven. I tried to capture the vibe through photos, but as with anything in life, it doesn’t beat being there. Enjoy the photos!

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The Octopus

Eight arms to catch prey

Silently hiding in reefs

Inks! He got away.

2013 Albert Moyer, Jr

This photo was taken at the Dallas State Aquarium in Dallas, Texas