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It has come to me that the majority of youth do not know the truth about the global warming narrative. Many adults do not understand it either. We often just digest what ever verbal statement comes out and agree with it without deep research. I have long thought that schools are designed based on manipulating minds rather than actually teaching one to deeply think and research. So let’s get into the deep thinking and truth about global warming. The stuff they do not want you to know. Thinking mind’s are dangerous! Be dangerous!

We often hear about Tesla and their wonderful electric cars. Electric cars leave us with a cleaner pure environment and no toxic air to breath. That is the corporate (money makers) narrative because they need you to buy their product. If you know the dirty side of the business you may change your mind about their narrative.

What is the dirty side? Using poor Africans to mine their cobalt for electronic parts. We are taught about equality, diversity, and never to be racist. However, racism especially financial racism by the powers (elite), is common because their goal is money, and more of it through exploitation of resources and people. Let’s see a photo of an African cobalt mine. Does it look healthy to you? Does it look like these people are making a good living and being treated fairly so we can have electric cars, cell phones, and computers?

What is another dirty aspect of solar panels, electric cars, cell phones, computers, and electronics? Mining. Digging into the earth and leaving vast craters and canyons all over along with polluted water as a by-product. Let’s take a look at one such man-made canyon.

What does industrial waste do to water? Let’s take a look in photos.









What do we need for that causes so much pollution? Computer chips! Do you want to end pollution? Give up your cell phone, video games, computers, solar energy panels, etc. Uh, oh! I see a lot of sad faces. Got to have those computer chips right?

How is our current energy system polluting the environment? Well, gas, oil, and coal, are used to generate electricity. Do they pollute? Yes they do. (See the photo diagram.) Is it the cause of global warming? Based on science maybe a tad, but there is something deeper that cannot be controlled, and really does not generate money like the global warming narrative. I am getting to that point, but first the photo diagram. We love the modern life and with it comes pollution.

So what is causing all the weird weather, heating of the Earth, and drastic changes that nobody is teaching or talking about in the scientific community? Is it something scary? Well, it can be. It is the shift of the Earth’s poles. (see diagram below) The poles have been shifting for several years now and it is altering everything across the globe and there is absolutely nothing that can be done about it. If we have a pole shift to the opposite direction which is long overdue there will be pure and total chaos of epic proportions. Imagine your country on the other side of the equator. Are you sitting there saying this sounds hopeless? Well, it could be. That basically means Earth is heading for a crash course of destruction. Pollution is making water, air, and food polluted and the poles are shifting.

So if we are making Earth toxic and the poles are shifting what can we do? Not much right? Well, let’s address how to stop all pollution. Are you ready? Nobody will do it. Here is the answer in one photo. We have to go back in time to use our bodies and not machines. We have to stop all chemicals. We have to live off the land. These people are virtually pollution free and pollute very little if at all. Indigenous people!

Did you see that coming? I bet you did not. Well, you probably will not see this coming either. I know inside all that I have presented has you stirred up a bit. Often I hear, “If the Earth is doomed with all sources of energy contributing to pollution whether oil, gas, coal, solar, etc., and the poles will tilt just what can we do to save ourselves?” Well, you are not saving your physical body and self. So let’s enter the spiritual realm.

Long ago, God came to Earth in the form of a man. It was foretold that a time will come that all the Earth burns and is destroyed, but we do not really know when, but there will be signs. What are the signs? Weird weather, mean men/murder increasing, confusion about gender, cameras/surveillance/being watched, being controlled by artificial intelligence, food shortages, hatred of God and Christian people, etc. For whatever reason powerful men and women that are not Christian fear Jesus. They never fear Buddha, The Hindu Gods, Allah/Mohammed, etc. There are major religions, but the one most feared is Christianity, Jesus, and his followers. Why? The Bible teaches one to think and live life. To be dangerous and free! Jesus was so dangerous they said, “Crucify him!”

You are sitting there thinking? What does this have to do with Global Warming? If God is in control and his word is true. It has everything to do with it. Now my atheist friends or non-believing friends think this line of thought is nuts. Pure crazy! I am o.k. with that because if my belief in God is nuts and pure crazy, and it does not matter, then what will happen if I physically die. Nothing really. I’ll just die like my atheist/non-believing friends and go into a hole. But what if it is all true and real? Then what happens to all the atheists and non-believers? They die a second death spiritually and end up in hell. Ugh! So basically, there is no harm in being a Christian and follower of God, but the risk is great if it is true and you do not believe in Christ. I like insurance! Car insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and the most important of all spiritual insurance with Jesus. He has my back and takes that worry away. No worry about Global Warming, Poles shifting, etc.  I have knowledge (The Bible) to be aware and the peace knowing Jesus has my back.

So how does one get energy? Redbull, Monster, sugary drinks, junk food, vending machines, drugs? I hope not!

Energy is supplied to our bodies by consuming delicious natural foods from the Earth. Food should be consumed in it’s purest form which is raw for maximum energy potential. When you cook or process food, it loses much of the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Exercise will help you metabolize food better, but energy itself comes from the food we eat.

So what is the difference in processed vs. raw state? In processing of food, the processing leaves the original raw food dead. When a food is raw, it contains enzymes that are living. Think of it this way. One can have two batteries, both of which are the same size, shape, and appearance, but one of them may be dead. The fresh battery has electricity to deliver energy. The dead battery can fill the the battery compartment, but all it is doing is taking up space. No energy! In terms of food, this is called empty calories. A raw nut can be planted and it will sprout, but a processed nut will rot in the ground. Raw gives life and energy!

The reason so many today pop antacids, allergy meds, or a host of other meds, is because many are consuming dead food. Empty calories. The best health medical plan around is eating raw food. Food that has life! Food that gives us life! Processed food, fast food, sugary drinks, energy drinks, and vending machines are slow suicide. Your killing yourself slowly! Bloating, weight gain, depression, fatigue, and illness are all apart of eating DEAD food. Empty calories!

So what are some of the raw energy foods? Raw nuts, fruits, vegetables, legumes/beans, grains, honey, and olive oil. The best way to eat these are in there natural state. Meat is o.k., but reduce it as much as possible because studies show 95 to 98 percent of toxins in your body are from meat. Especially red meat. Ask yourself, “If I were on Earth 500 years ago, how would I have found these foods?” No grocery stores, no boxes, not frozen, no jars, no processing. Raw! You would have not seen the illness, depression, or lethargy either. Food years ago was alive, and not dead.

Your organs, pancreas, liver, kidneys, and digestive tract suffer considerably on a diet of dead food. They cry out by spewing the toxic garbage right back up your throat to get your attention. Your body screams,”Hey, you are feeding me crap!” Most folks deal with it by popping an antacid. These drugs also effect your organs, weaken your immune system, and body. It doesn’t have to be this way. Chose raw food and life!

Water is another vital part of energy. Often when we are hungry, a glass of water can cure this craving, because we are actually dehydrated to a degree. Drink plenty of water.

I must say it saddens me to have watched so many in life fall apart physically, because of poor lifestyle choices. It saddens me to watch co-workers waddle, limp, and breath like they have ran a marathon with only one flight of stairs walked. I listen to people tell me,”Your food looks so good and healthy.” While they eat dead food at the lunch table. Junk! Again, it does not have to be this way. If you are reading this, and I am describing you, then chose RAW, chose LIFE. Purchase 75% or more of your food from the produce section, and stay out of the grocery store aisles. This is where most of the dead food resides in coffins. I mean boxes. If you must eat frozen, then chose organic foods. Leave energy drinks and fast food alone. This change will help reduce stress on your body, give you ENERGY, and change your whole outlook on life.

For more information, I recommend the following book.