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Some of my favorite food in all the World is Mediterranean/ Lebanese, Greek, Turkish, etc. Here is a plate I put together tonight inspired by the Mediterranean region.

It consists of Sardines, Marinated Octopus, Marinated Vegetables with Feta, Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Dolmathes, and Pita bread.




Niko Niko’s is the best Greek restaurant in Houston in my opinion. My favorite location is located in downtown Houston’s Historic Market Square. This location has a dog park, outdoor dining area, and a cool park for relaxing. There are movie nights, bike meets, music nights, and FANTASTIC Greek food! My favorite dish hands down is the Gyro. If you travel to Houston,Texas stop by Niko Nikos. I promise you will say,”Opa!” For more information check out

Niko Nikos Market Square


Outdoor Dining Area


Park area