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Porcupine Meatballs

Posted: October 18, 2013 in Food
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Porcupine Meatballs by Albert Moyer, Jr.

Here is the general recipe for these delicious little balls. Of course, I always tweak mine a little, but that’s my secret.


Last weekend I was in San Antonio, and I have been there hundreds of times, eating at many of the cities best Mexican restaurants. I did an internet search of best food in San Antonio and the name Chris Madrid’s ranked very high and it offered something besides Mexican food. Hamburgers!

I clicked the website

Upon review of the website I thought, “It looks basic!” The story of entrepreneurship and the longevity of the place made me want to give it a try. I love independent business! It is the life of America.  I must say that when I arrived, I thought the place looked average.

This is the outside of Chris Madrid’s.



Upon entering Chris Madrid’s, I knew something special was about to present itself to me by the crowd of people sitting, and the long lines of people waiting to order food.

Crowds and Line



So I approach the menu and my eye catches a burger called the Tostada burger. This burger has refried beans, chips, salsa, meat, and cheese. I added my own pico de gallo. I opted for the 1/2 pound Macho size. This burger was HOT! I have never had a burger so fresh that my hands had trouble picking it up due to temperature. The meat was bursting with flavor, the cheese was flowing like lava, the beans, salsa, and chips inside gave it a crunch style in its own league. It was A plus, fantastic!

The Macho Tostada Burger



If you are in San Antonio, and want fantastic burgers, or nachos, do give Chris Madrid’s a try. I am a foodie with a taste for great food, and Chris Madrid’s has it going on. You will not be let down, and your stomach will not leave on empty. Chris Madrid’s is located less than three miles from the river walk and downtown San Antonio on Blanco and Hollywood.

Sometimes poems are inspired by the simplest things like being hungry and awaiting lunch.


Juicy beef patty.

Cheese layered across the top.

Mouth watering meal.

2013 Albert Moyer, Jr.

Photo from Google Images


Skillet, olive oil, 15 cloves garlic pressed,  one onion sliced, and little sea salt. Saute. Next add one pound of lean ground chuck 90/10. Continue to cook and when meat is medium rare, add one pound of white mushrooms, and cover skillet with lid until mushrooms are cooked.

During the saute process boil a pot of water in a large pot. Add a little olive oil and sea salt. Add one pound of Barrilla Plus Brand Rigotoni.  The yellow box. I prefer this brand because of the ingredients.  Omega 3’s, fiber, etc. It’s not the run of the mill flour based stuff.

Cook pasta. Drain. Add to mixing bowl. Pour in meat and sautéed veggies without draining. Top with Newman’s Own Tomato Basil Sauce.

Serve with Caesar Salad or your choice of side.

For The Vegetarians out there use a meat free hamburger crumble.

Lotsa Garlic Rigotoni!