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These wraps are made with your choice of raw veggies or whatever your mind can think of that is raw and will roll up inside a collard green leaf.

Use your choice of sauce or dressing and be creative.


2014 Albert Moyer, Jr. Photo


Today I was in the kitchen experimenting with some Chinese vegetables that I have never eaten. They were Shimeji mushrooms and Choy Sum. I loved them!

This recipe can be found in the Asian cookbook called Asian Flavors by Wendy Sweetster.

I really love this Asian Cookbook! Great photos and easy to follow recipes.


A quick very tasty meal that is easily accomplished


Healthy Quick Meal

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Food
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The question I am asked most often is,”Do you cook every night?” My answer is,”No.” With hectic schedules, sometimes there is just not enough time to make a fresh from scratch meal, but there are healthy options besides the local fast food joints.  Believe it or not, there are many frozen pizzas that offer healthy options. I am a big fan or the following brands for quality of ingredients and flavor on those time pinched days. I prefer thin crust to cut out the bread and carbohydrates, and I always have a fresh salad with my pizza.

Amy’s Pizza-

California Pizza Kitchen-

Kashi Pizza-

Freshetta Pizza-

This is a quick meal with Freshetta Hawaiian BBQ Pizza, Freshetta Harvest Supreme Pizza, and a nice homemade salad topped with a little Newman’s Own Poppy Seed dressing.

Individuals and families can have this ready in about 15 minutes.