Health Reflections from the Break Room

Posted: June 6, 2013 in Health
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The other day, I was in a break room during lunch and I noticed the many foods being consumed.

In one chair, I see a person who is grossly overweight eating M&M’s, Twinkies, and a Coke.

In another chair, I see a person drinking a Monster energy drink and eating chips while complaining about a lack of energy.

In yet another chair, I hear a person talking about losing weight, while they consume a chemically laden Lean Cuisine along with a diet Coke.

These observations are made quite often by me, and most of the time, I am left shaking my head.

To lose weight one needs exercise. There are no magic foods or drinks. In fact, processed food is the worst for anyone trying to lose weight.

For energy, one needs sleep, exercise, vitamins, and minerals. None of these are best obtained from a can, except maybe some vitamins or minerals. The ideal situation is making time for sleep, exercise, and eating whole foods.

When a person fails to make time for sleep, exercise, or eating properly, that speaks volumes about that person. If a person doesn’t make time for their own health and body, it makes you wonder whom else will they cheat? If they will cheat themselves, they will cheat you too.

Here are foods that fight fatigue:

Here are foods that help with weight loss:


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