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A fellow blogger asked me if I actually get close to gators when taking their photos. The answer is,”Yes!” Gators are not the monsters people think they are. Gators are actually quite docile, and are as curious about us, as we are of them. I often find they are quite afraid of humans. Here I am up close and personal with some gator friends. The ideal distance is 30 feet or more away from them. I might be cheating that a little here.

Ask me to do this for crocodiles and we have,”NO DEAL!” That is a totally different reptile with more aggressive tendencies.

IMG_9365 IMG_9362

Browsing through my photos, I came across this macro photo I took of some seriously parched earth. It inspired me to write a haiku. Texas went through a monster drought two years ago and has not recovered to this day. The rain has been coming, but we need so much more. Remember! Water is life!

Parched Earth

The ground cracks open.

Life around dries up and dies.

Water the savior.

2013 Albert Moyer, Jr.

Photo taken by me in Southeast Texas



It’s always nice to walk along a path and run into a reptilian friend.  It makes for great photo opportunities and observation. This young, or possibly female gator, was warming in the Texas sun along Elm Lake at Brazos Bend State Park.


This cactus bloom photo was taken by me in New Braunfels, Texas.


In Texas there is nothing better than a sweet juicy piece of watermelon on a hot summers day. My favorite melon comes from Hempstead, Texas at Dilorio’s farm.

This photo was taken right outside the farmer’s market.


This photo was taken inside. Yum!