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The City of Philadelphia is a very nice American city with great museums, food, and history all around. Of course, just like every big American city one must be careful with certain parts. Here are a few photos from my visit, If you are looking for a city to visit, Philadelphia is a great place.

Philadelphia In Photos

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One place that I think every American should visit is Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Independence Hall is a place with historical facts that will clear up many of the untruths being perpetuated by today’s media regarding the founding fathers of the United States. Namely that the United States was not founded on God. There are more documents here that will verify this truth than anyplace I have ever seen. Here a few photos from my visit.

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Alligators really blend into their environment and you always have to be watching for them especially in Florida. This one caught my eye while walking along a trail near the water’s edge. Do you see it?



I have no idea how this solitary pine cone made it to St. Andrews State Park Beach in Florida, because there were no pine trees for miles, but it made for a great photo.



This photo was taken near Panama City Beach, Florida by me. It is an osprey nest being protected by momma and daddy, It is truly amazing at how far these birds had to fly all these branches to build this huge nest.