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Cardinal – A Haiku

Strong and red you are

With a crest of royalty

Spiritual bird

2018 Albert Moyer, Jr. Poetry and Photography


White Crane on a Lake

2015 Albert Moyer, Jr. Photography

I took this photo while paddling Lake Raven in Huntsville, Texas.

I see a flock of interesting birds in my feeder. At first, from a distance, I thought them to be migratory sparrows, but the camera revealed something amazing. A Nutmeg Mannikin or Scaly-Breasted Munia. According to Audubon Society they are non-native to the United States. They may be migrating over as new permanent residents or breeding in the wild as pet escapees. Whatever the case, I have new birds eating seed. I caught photos of both the male and female. Exciting yes? Enjoy the photos!

DSCN5011 DSCN5014

Today I caught these beautiful birds in the park while shooting photos. A Robin, Blue Jay, Red-Bellied Woodpecker, and a Mourning Dove.

DSCN2482 DSCN2487 DSCN2493 DSCN2515

These photos were taken in Houston this week as a Red Tail Hawk swooped in for an easy dove meal. However, out of nowhere, he was under attack by a Mockingbird. It was quite a show! I hope you enjoy the photo set. Albert

Enjoying a dove DSCN2469 DSCN2470 DSCN2471 DSCN2472


Brown Pelican Above Water

2013 Albert Moyer, Jr.


Just when I think I have seen all the coolest, most colorful birds, I stumble across this photo of a Wilson’s Bird-Of-Paradise.

I think you will agree that it is phenomenal.


Wilson’s Bird-Of-Paradise

Photo from Google Images


Eastern Rosella

This beautiful bird is native to Australia and Tanzania.

Photo from Google Images

This photo was taken near Panama City Beach, Florida by me. It is an osprey nest being protected by momma and daddy, It is truly amazing at how far these birds had to fly all these branches to build this huge nest.


As a young boy, I always thought this bird had a strange name. You know a cock to be a rooster, and then learn a slang term for the word cock, and it all seems so strange.

Whatever the case, the bird itself is very cool looking and one of my favorites. I believe it is geographically located to Peru and the Andes Mountains.

This photo is from Google Images.