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Scallops With Lemon Grass Broth & Spinach (Thai)

This recipe takes about 10 minutes to prep and 5 minutes to cook.

2 cups of chicken broth

2 tbsp of Lemon Grass sliced

One bunch green onions sliced

1/2 teaspoon of crushed red pepper

1/2 of orange bell pepper chopped fine

One 7 oz package of Enoki mushrooms

One teaspoon of sugar

One tbsp of fish sauce

Juice of one lime

8 oz of spinach

1. Place all of the ingredients in the pot except scallops and spinach and simmer for five minutes.

2. Add spinach and scallops and cook for two minutes more.

3. Divide the meal up into bowls and enjoy. It should serve at least four people.


Koi and the Lotus Flower – A Tanka

Floating in the pond

The lotus provides beauty

It’s roots a cover

Koi swim happily below

Nature working together

2013 Albert Moyer, Jr.

Art from Google Images

Habanero – A Haiku

From the Amazon

Hot, spicy, ingredient.

A true taste of fire.

2013 Albert Moyer, Jr.


Photo from Google Images


Songwriter – A Haiku

Simplest way to play.

Major, Minor, Melody.

Lyrics on the way.

2013 Albert Moyer, Jr.