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Is low-fat always good?

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Health
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I see people eat low-fat pre-packaged foods on a regular basis. Interestingly, they are not losing any weight. They actually become more ill. The real problem is they are sedentary, and they want magic weight loss food that they can open without effort, and warm or eat instantly.

Here is the skinny on low-fat diets. Health education is the way to go. Be informed.

Well, I haven’t touched on the topic of art in a while. Today, I stumbled across two really cool artistic guitars.

A Fender Strat that is hand-carved, and right below it, a Gibson Les Paul that looks to be tiled with some mother of pearl and abalone.

What a way to look great while jamming.




So here is a spy drone that is the size of a mosquito. This drone can be remotely controlled for eavesdropping, and is equipped with a camera, and microphone. There is rumor that it’s bite can even take a sample of your DNA or implant an RFID tracking device using nanotechnology. Whatever the case, technology is moving right along at a speedy pace. I wonder if OFF repellent works against this thing. Laughs!



Some days my inspiration for Haiku’s comes from staring at the things on my desk.

Liquid  Paper – A Haiku

Coverage of ink

My written mistakes all gone

Time to write again.

2013 Albert Moyer, Jr,