Posted: March 10, 2014 in Poetry
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A party is available. They are sure to come.

They want what you have, but share with no one.

They want your ear, as if you’re Dr. Phil,

Yet they will not help you, even if you are ill.

Their time bank is full, so full of themselves,

That when you ask for a little, you get shelved.

They smile and say, ” How wonderful you are.”

Yet privately describe you, as if you are tar.

They do their best to zap the good from you,

And leave your feeling, as if you have the flu.

You need their help, but when the time comes,

They leave you dry, so they can have fun.

When you confront them about how you feel,

These people will scream, ” No big deal. “

So when they fail to listen, it is time to break.

There is no need for toxic relations for heaven’s sake.

2014 Albert Moyer, Jr.

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