Many do not know that the Texas State Capitol is larger than the U.S. White House. It should be because everything is bigger in Texas right? It is loaded with granite, marble, fine woodwork, oil paintings, brass, and much history. I took this series of photos at night for a different perspective and to avoid 105 degree summer heat. Enjoy! And God Bless Texas!


  1. aliz97 says:

    Lived in Texas my whole life and still didn’t know that – wow…impressive photos!

    • amoyer2013 says:

      I to have lived my whole life in Texas and I just learned myself. I see you are in Austin at U.T. I tried P.Terry’s burger stand and Gus’s Famous Chicken while there. Austin is coming along well. A great city! Thank you for the comments. Check out my other photos too. I have a lot of Texas stuff. I have some nice shot’s of Barton Springs. If you haven’t swam there which is not far from U.T. do check it out. It is heavenly especially when snorkeling.

  2. aliz97 says:

    Thanks for the recommendations — definitely will have to check ’em out!

  3. Of COURSE the state capitol building is bigger than the White House. We have more important business to tend to.

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