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Green Tree Frog going for a Paddle

2015 Albert Moyer, Jr. Photography

This little guy decided to hitch a ride in the canoe while paddling Lake Raven.



I was cruising down a rural road at night at about 10 m.p.h., and I notice this frog hopping about two feet into the air down the road.  I could not help but stop, and shoot a macro photo of it. This frog was quite kind to just sit there and stare back at me, while I put a camera in his face. Perhaps the flash blinded him. You must click on the photo to really appreciate the clarity.


Southern Leopard Frog

Photo 2013 Albert Moyer, Jr.

The Tomato Frog is from Madagascar. This thing can swell up and even secrete a toxin that causes a predators eyes and mouth to gum up.



Photo from Google Images.


When I was a young boy we would see these toads all around Houston. I enjoyed seeing them when they were mating in bar ditches, leaving long strands of eggs, that would turn to thousands of tadpoles. They are not as common today due to the destructive forces of man. However, they seem to be strong in some areas.

I took this photo at night as the Gulf Coast Toad was hopping on a sidewalk.


This frog wins the coolest looking frog award.

Photo from Wikipedia.


Two lovely frogs.

Photo taken at Houston Zoo