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Recently, while camping, we discovered this huge caterpillar. It is America’s largest caterpillar, and it’s name is Hickory Horned Devil Caterpillar. It is docile, and harmless, but looks pretty wicked. It produces the Regal Moth.



Ecology – A Haiku

The interactions

One without the other one

Leads to imbalance.

2014 Albert Moyer, Jr.

All major religions to my knowledge believe that man evolved out of dust or clay. Science has now confirmed this hypothesis.


This macro photo of a Water Hyacinth was taken by me while kayaking Lake Raven.


Here is a photo I recently took while looking up a pine tree. Nature has so much beauty.


I could not resist taking this photo because I have never seen the two so close together. Is the gator a friend or waiting for supper? Only he knows.

Photo taken in New Iberia, LA.



These baby mockingbirds are in an orange tree with plenty of thorns. I doubt anything will ever eat them, as I have watched the mother, and father return every year to the same nesting location. I had to be quite careful not to get cut on thorns to get this macro photo.

Baby Mockingbirds.



This frog wins the coolest looking frog award.

Photo from Wikipedia.


I took this photo at a butterfly hatchery and exhibit.


Not to long ago, I posted a photo of the Pink-Necked Green Pigeon. It is a colorful bird. It’s aquatic rival is the Mandarin Fish. It has to be the most colorful fish around.

This photo was taken by unknown photographer.