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These images were taken at the Sauer Beckmann Farm in Stonewall, Texas. This is a living history farm. The Sauer Beckmann’s were president Lyndon Johnson’s neighbors during the days of the Texas White House. These were days when you raised and grew your own food and did many chores manually. Men, women, children, and families worked hard together, praised God for their bounty of harvest, and did not sit around relying on handouts as much of modern America today.┬áProverbs 14:23 In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty.



The Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Museum in Austin, Texas is large and full of history during one of America’s most tumultuous time periods. The museum captures very clearly how troubled our country was during Johnson’s reign. Interestingly, much of what people were fighting for over 45 years ago is still ongoing today. There is always a fight for balance on the scales of justice. Whether you like Johnson, or hate him, this museum will open your mind to the many challenges of being President Of The United States.

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Here are some photos I took at the library. I hope the inspire you to visit, learn, and take your own photos.

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