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I have long been a fan of nuts. I love them in breads, cereal, salads, or just to snack. Some say they cost too much, but I say,”They are a lot cheaper than prescription drugs.” So eat more nuts!

In Houston, on the Northside of downtown, there is a place that has held my heart for many years. This place is Canino’s Farmers Market located at 2520 Airline Drive,  Houston, TX 77009. Canino’s has everything that one can imagine in the way of fresh produce and vegetables at about 25 to 40% less than retail grocery prices. Much of what Canino’s offers is locally grown in Texas. It is a great place to explore, save money, purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, dry beans, rice, nuts, flowers, and local raw honey and preserves. During my trip yesterday, I asked if I could take photos and share them on my blog. The manager graciously approved. So here are some images from Canino’s Farmers Market.

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Pistachio- A Haiku

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Poetry
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You little green nut.

Raw, Roasted, Pistachio.

Flavors I cherish.

2013 Albert Moyer, Jr.