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Lost sheep, wonderers, angry people, those who hate America, snap out of it. Your shepherd is calling you. For you need guidance. America is the greatest land on the planet. Millions come here to live their dream because the blessings of hard work are rewarded.

My father was an 11th grade drop out. My mother was a teen mom who dropped out in the 9th grade. My mother-in-law never attended school after 4th grade, and she escaped a foreign land with little opportunity, because she saw the advantages of capitalism. A place where you can go from financially poor to financially rich. They all started life with many hardships, struggles, tribulations, life was unfair as some say, but they all shared something in common. They had a shepherd.

Never did they ask, “Who will feed me? Where are the government handouts? Who is going to help me?” They looked to the shepherd and he told them hard work is rewarded and you will eat. Never did they want to steal or covet what others had. They believed in the shepherd’s advice and word. They all ate well because of hard work. Sometimes it was steak, a can of sardines, a boiled egg, or a bowl of beans. The shepherd said that I provide food for all the birds, so I will provide food for you too, because you are my sheep. They had a shepherd.

My father learned a career as a machinist. Hard, demanding work, that often called for 12-hour workdays. Sometimes seven days a week. Yes, you read correctly. 84-hour work weeks. My mother earned her G.E.D. and worked as a teacher’s aide all while attending college part-time to become a teacher. My mother-in-law had many careers, because no education leaves little opportunity, but she was not a proud whiner or complainer. She was a hard worker! She found work regularly. She did well for herself considering her circumstances. They had a shepherd.

My dad often said, “I don’t give a damn what color a man is! If he does not apply himself, he will not amount to shit.” Today we often find people of color complaining about their lack of opportunity. Many are rioting. We hear the words “White Privilege.” My dad said that men who use those words are “LAZY” and looking for a “Crutch.” He also said, “Beware of people like that because they are “Hustlers and Swindlers. They will steal you blind if you don’t watch them.”  Lost sheep! They have no shepherd.

Growing up lower income white, I know that life is not fair, but I do not have time to dwell on it, because I am to busy working to make my life better. I often thought, where is this “White privilege?” My shepherd says, “Work hard.” My parents experienced more difficulty than me over their lifetime. My mother-in-law being from a foreign land knew it would be tough coming to America. She never used the words, “White Privilege.” Life is tough! My parents and mother-in-law believed in action because their shepherd told them that faith without works is useless. Hard work pays off. They had a shepherd.

In today’s word, I have little tolerance for those who use the words “White Privilege.” My dad was correct. Lazy people use those words. I have seen many people from all races do extremely well in America, and I have watched many people struggle, because they do nothing to improves themselves. They sit around like hogs at a trawl waiting for someone to sling them some slop. I will never admit to “White privilege” because like my father, mother, and mother-in-law. I have listened to the shepherd and hard work has blessed me. Color does not bless you. The shepherd and hard works bless you. Listen to the shepherd and work hard. You will be blessed. I do not care what color you are or what country you come from. These words ring true.

For my fellow brothers who say, “Yes there is white privilege.” I call on you to educate yourselves and not be brainwashed by false doctrine. The devil is trying to destroy your mind.  Never feel ashamed to be white. You are allowed to be proud of your race just as any other on the face of the Earth. If you honestly think there is “White Privilege”, I call on you to test the shepherd’s words and sit in the middle of a field doing nothing for one week. The shepherd tells us you will not eat if you do not work. If there is “White privilege” I imagine you will get three square meals a day in this field in the middle of nowhere just by chilling.

I am also an advocate and supporter of the police. The shepherd tells us to follow the authorities. Bad things happen when you fall into the trap of the lost sheep, break laws, and willfully become disrespectful. Many are angry at the police, but when you analyze the facts, almost all that have been killed, failed to abide by the law of the authorities which our shepherd says we must do. Do not bring the authorities to anger. Lost sheep! They have no shepherd.

Over time my parents who were married 49 years, who did not believe in divorce, because the shepherd advised against it, and my mother-in-law, listening to the advice of the shepherd, did well for themselves. They overcame numerous struggles. Hard work pays off. They had a shepherd.

All of them gave their children a free gift worth more than all the money on the planet. They told them sheep are lost without a shepherd. Men and women left to themselves on their own guidance are quite often a failure because we are naturally lost. We are born lost. Lost sheep! We need a shepherd.

Many lost sheep today look to their friends for answers. Often, their friends are as lost as they are. The blind leading the blind. I think I would be angry to if my advisor was a lost sheep. They have no shepherd. Their anger is directed at all sources and there is a failure to look within themselves and admit I am lost. Lost sheep! They have no shepherd.

My advice to the lost sheep is join the flock of the true shepherd. The only living God. Yes, you read that right. Jesus was not a statue, rock, stone, or whatever other things people put their faith in. He is God in the flesh. He came straight from Heaven because he knew we were lost and needed help. He left us a guide- book called the Holy Bible. It is loaded with life advice and countless examples for living. It is so thorough, that I myself, often refuse to buy any books from so called “Self-Help authors.” Many of them are lost sheep and some outright reject Jesus. Why do I want their advice? You can have an I.Q. that exceeds genius, but if you reject Jesus, and fail to read the Holy Bible through, at least one time in your life, you are an educated fool.

Second, I would advise channeling energy to learning skills and knowledge. Ask yourself when learning, “Can I use this to support myself?” You can learn much that is useless and will leave you broke. Focus on beneficial learning and stay away from those who are on the “Feel Sorry for Me” train or those who want to exploit you. I have encountered many of those along my way. They are a waste of time. Utterly lost sheep! Many of whom want no shepherd. They will just bring you to hell. Look at the riots. Perfect example. Hell. Definitely not heaven. Lost sheep!

There you have it! Free advice that will turn your life from chaos to pure joy and fulfillment. Faith in Jesus Christ and Hard work!

Are you going to continue a life of anger and frustration or channel your energy to heading down a new road of hard work and faith in Jesus Christ? The true shepherd and guide for us lost sheep.

A lot of times I am asked about my life and how I accomplish things. “Help! I hear.” Sometimes, I am the one asking for,”Help!”

So today, I decided to do a post about the things that benefit me, and I know can benefit others. These ten things can change your life.

Help! It’s right here.

1. Banks- Banks have a main goal that is to make money and earn interest off their assets. Their goal is really not the customer even though they must pretend that they love      you to death. Banks have high priority for those who are ultra-wealthy and low priority for most of society. They often see the lower-income earners as burdens even though they are glad to have what little money you own to help their bottom line, which is to make money. So with that said, don’t pay the banks! Pay yourself! How do you pay yourself? Invest in stocks, mutual funds, and bonds that pay you interest(money). Avoid credit cards and borrowing! If you don’t have the money, then don’t buy it! Do not give the banks extra money, so that you can have a depreciating (losing money) asset. Think assets (what pads or lines your pocket), not liabilities (things that take away from your money).

2. Insurers- Insurers protect you from liability(responsibility to pay for loss) and protect the things your own(assets). Many times, we do not have the necessary cash flow to pay for huge losses. With that said, buy insurance on everything of value, that you cannot replace with the cash you have on hand. I believe in insuring everything possible.Insurance can be expensive, but the price is small when you have a disaster.

3. Retail purchases and autos- Purchasing anything new is like throwing money away in the trash. Why? Almost anything new loses extreme cash value. Purchase clothes, shoes, goods, and autos used so that someone else can lose the cash value and take the big depreciation hit for you. In return, you are benefiting your assets and helping the environment by recycling. The money saved can be invested so that you are paying yourself.

4. Groceries- Purchase fruits and vegetables that are in season so that you get the best value. Buy dry goods and other items in bulk if you have storage capacity to save money. Buy organic foods when possible to avoid chemically laden food products. Natural foods will save your retirement money for you and not prescription drugs to maintain your health. Avoid most cleaning products because they often do not work as stated and they are hazardous. One can clean and disinfect almost everything with bleach, lemon juice, vinegar, and soap.

5. Entertainment-  Always look for early season bargains on passes to museums, zoos, water parks, amusement parks, etc. The passes allow you to go to a place as much as you want without paying for a ticket every visit. The passes usually pay for themselves within one or two visits. For movies, hit the matinees and save up to 25% per ticket. If you want to take it further, pack your own food. This is always healthier and a huge savings.

6. Health- Avoid all drugs (prescription and illegal) as much as possible. The body hates drugs especially your stomach, liver, and kidneys. Avoid alcohol as much as possible and limit to no more than one drink a day maximum. Eat as many plant-based foods as you want, love and use fresh garlic, and limit consumption of animal products. Diets high in vegetables, grains, and fruits help you to have the power to enjoy life in your senior years and save your retirement money for trips and not prescription pills. At my age, I am watching friends far apart and break down, because they never took the lifestyle choice of being healthy serious. Protect your skin from the sun with sunscreen and clothing for that beautiful youthful look. Drink plenty of water and limit sugary drinks. I would say to avoid all man-made food additives as much as possible especially monosodium glutamate (makes you gain weight)  and high fructose corn syrup (diabetes link).

7. Donate- Donate what you do not need to charity organizations or others. Donate time to help make a difference in the environment or someones life. Donating time, money, and goods are great for the soul and health of the body. Another added benefit is the government recognizes the importance of donating and often many things can be used as a tax write off.

8. Religion- Prescribe to a faith and stick to its teachings as much as possible. I say as much as possible, because it is unreal to expect perfection. Of course, I am bias to Jesus Christ and Christianity, because Jesus washes me clean even though I am a sinner. Many religions base salvation on good works, but you can never have enough good works. It is impossible! We can never be perfect and Jesus knows this. A benefit of religion is added years to your life which is backed by research. It also gives one and improved state of mind and greater outlook on life.

9. Human relations- Listen and watch a person to know their heart and state of mind. Know who they hang around. Unfortunately, not everyone is nice or good. If something is great and another tells you it is bad, then you must realize that person is bad. If committing a certain act is bad and another tries to convince you it is o.k. that person is bad. Great people work to bring you up, help you, and show you good things. Bad people are the opposite because they tear you down, do not help you or your life, and they will show you in the worst way how not to be successful. A rattlesnake has a pattern and rattle for a reason. To warn you of it’s danger! Humans also have patterns and characteristics.

10. Education- I cannot state it enough! Read, study, and learn all that you can about as many topics as you can. Be a renaissance man/woman!