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I find it so relaxing to take photos of wildlife and visit them out in their home far away from the city. I also enjoy the flowers and other things like moss and bryozoans floating in water. Huntsville State Park has been a favorite place of mine for many years. Here are a few photos I shot recently in the park. I hope you find them inspirational and decide to do your own exploring and photography.


Here are a few photos of Caprock Canyons State Park. Home to the Texas free range Bison.




A collection of photos from the Penn Farm preserve. Enjoy!

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I took these photos at Goliad State Park in Goliad, Texas. This is site of the Goliad Massacre., and the Battle Of Goliad

Always learn and remember history to avoid a repeat.

If you are in Texas, or visiting Texas, I highly recommend Goliad State Park

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Spanish Moss and Fungus photo I took at Brazos Bend State Park Texas.


This photo was taken at Brazos Bend State Park along a tributary that feeds into the Brazos River.