Teaching In America

Posted: April 5, 2013 in Education
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Teaching in America today is quiet interesting. We have the education businessmen who push products to improve profit. We have the huge testing environment to check on progress. We have people in the system who tell fairytales about success.

If you ask any child including your own, about their perception of school change most will tell you that from elementary to high school they have noticed a decline in schools. Interestingly many parents blame the school system, which is partly to blame, but who has the child over 16 hours per day? The parent.

From my perspective as a teacher the person who has the most influence on a child is the parent. This is why as a parent, I spend a great deal of time teaching my own kids. Who has more interest in the product of your child’s success than you the parent? Nobody!

So if schools are to improve in America, we are going to need parents to step up to the plate and bring about change. Statistically, the best schools, have the most involved parents and the most educated parents.

The change resides in you!

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