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I was face to face with this Barbary Sheep, also known as Aoudad at Nature Bridge Wildlife Park It is a fantastic wildlife park allowing animals to freely roam, and come up to you if they wish. It’s one of my favorite places to shoot photos of wild animals.


While camping in Huntsville State Park, I failed to close my vehicle’s door. A squirrel went in and helped himself to a Nature’s Valley Cinnamon Granola Bar.


Cypress knees in a slough. This photo was taken at the Louisiana State Arboretum in Ville Platte, LA.


This is a beautiful example of a Cypress Swamp located at Sam Houston Jones State Park in Lake Charles, LA. I took this photo while camping.


Spring Azaleas

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Springtime brings so many beautiful flowers. At the top of my favorites list are the Azaleas that bloom outside my front door.


I took these photos while visiting the missions in San Antonio, Texas. This city is so full of vibrant preserved history.

Mission Espada


Mission San Juan


Mission  San Jose


Mission Concepcion


This photo was taken in San Antonio, Texas at the Sunken Gardens Park.

Under A Gazebo


There are many ways we can help in a World that is broken to make life better for others. Here are links to organizations that I support and believe in.

The Salvation Army-


The American Red Cross-

Families are the bedrock of a healthy society. When families are torn apart research often shows a host of problems. We see depression, poverty, broken hearts, lost self-esteem, drug usage, suicide, etc.

Families, man and woman, are the only ones who can procreate. Without semen and an egg, you cannot create life. Semen mixed with semen, nor egg with egg produces a child, a bird, a dog, or any life. You must have a man and a woman. This is the correct way to reproduce scientifically. If all animals were to turn to incorrect ways, all life on Earth would die. There would be no new life.

Research has shown us that when men bond with men they often have a disdain for women, and when women bond with women they have a disdain for men. So what causes a man or woman to dislike the opposite sex, the only person they can create a child with? Are they genetically born with hate, or did they learn this hate? Who are the true haters?

Often Christians and families are attacked for believing in marriage between a man and a woman. They are labeled as people who hate. Why are families and Christians who believe in a scientifically, and historically proven correct term for marriage attacked? For the simple reason that we are stating truths? If you mix blue and yellow, you get green. Are we to teach you get red and distort the truth?

The one tenant that all major religions agree on is marriage between a man and a woman. Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. So are all these religious people haters too?

As I state for my blog punchline, Fact or Fiction, The Truth Lies In The Research, and the research proves that marriage between a man and woman is correct, and anything else is false.