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The Lily

Vibrant red petals.

Center fading green, white, red.

Magical flower.

2013 Albert Moyer, Jr.


I took this photo at a neighbor’s house. Thank you neighbor!

Have An Affair

Sitting at church today, I listened to my pastor read Solomon 2:15 which states,”Catch for us the foxes,the little foxes that ruin the vineyards,our vineyards that are in bloom.” He referenced this passage to stress how little things in a marriage can cause ruin, if we do not catch them, just as the little foxes cause ruin in the vineyard. What are these little foxes?

1. Romance is not important– Romance is important and so is sex, but it is not everything. This analogy was used. Eggs are good plain, but they taste a bit better with salt. A little salt makes that egg tastes so much better, but if you drown it in salt it is ruined. If someone asked you, “What did you eat for breakfast? Would you answer,”Salt?”So with marriage, a little romance or sex every now and then, keeps the flames burning. However, if you just base your marriage on sex, it will be like that over salted egg. Ruined. If you have no romance or sex, it will be like a plain egg with no salt.

2. Good marriage is luck- We have all heard it before. “Man you are so lucky to have your spouse.” Marriage is anything but luck. Marriage takes hard work from both parties, because let’s face it, having the same person around all the time is not always fun. The following verse points to this ideal. Proverbs 4:14 “Where there are no oxen, the manger is empty,but from the strength of an ox come abundant harvests.” So there you have it. If nobody is around just like no ox in a manger, there is no pooh-poo, but if they are around, you will have poo-poo. All marriages have poo-poo at times. The plus is abundant harvests and strength with your mate.

3. Love is a feeling- Love is not a feeling. It is something you do by listening and understanding your partner. You show your love on a daily basis by treating your wife/husband like a guest in your home. Everyone knows how they react when they have guests. They clean, prepare, cook, and offer them just about anything to make them feel welcome. Do this for your wife/husband.

So practice the biblical principles of love, romance, sex, and work hard at having a great marriage. Have an affair with your spouse!

TheĀ mulberries are starting to really ripen and come alive.

Texas Mulberry


The Hibiscus loved the rain last night, and are showing their love for it with their beauty.


I decided to take some photos this morning after last nights torrential rains to see if I could catch some rain drops lingering.

Gardenia After The Rain