San Pedro Springs Park

Posted: April 23, 2013 in Travel
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Last summer, I visited San Pedro Springs  in San Antonio, Texas, because I was intrigued that it has lasted so long. This park was opened in 1852, making it the oldest park in Texas. On a hot summers day, the shallow water pool is a blessing. The spring water is no longer coming from the spring, because the spring has dried up. The water is now pumped in to the pool, but don’t let that be a detraction. Experience the history, the culture, grab a churro from a vendor, and enjoy the day. For information about Texas’s oldest park click here

IMG_4980 IMG_4965 IMG_4976

  1. Stone Crazy says:

    Reminds me of spots here in Central Florida.

  2. Phil Dhingra says:

    What is that shrine-looking mound?? My friend saw in i.r.l. and we’re all scratching our heads.

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