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Macro photos always capture detail that so many of us just pass on a daily basis. The color of the world around us is so bright and cheerful, yet many miss it. Enjoy the beauty if these flowers!

This cactus bloom photo was taken by me in New Braunfels, Texas.


This is a prickly pear cactus photo I took at Guadalupe River State Park in Hunt, Texas. I might add that the fruits and cactus are delicious. Watch for rattlesnakes.


TheĀ mulberries are starting to really ripen and come alive.

Texas Mulberry


This photo was taken at the Houston Arboretum. I love the red in these leaves.


I took this photo at the Houston Arboretum and have no idea what this flower is, but it is an amazing beauty. Please comment and share the name if you know it.


Spring Azaleas

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Flowers, Photography
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Springtime brings so many beautiful flowers. At the top of my favorites list are the Azaleas that bloom outside my front door.