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Free Spirit – A Haiku

Nonconforming way

Unconstrained by convention

No obligations.

2014 Albert Moyer, Jr.

Bullying Law

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For those of us that have children or have family members with children in the U.S. Perhaps, you are a teacher or in education.

Here is a great link for bullying laws. The best way to deal with problems is to know the law and how to fight it.

Chicken Waldorf Salad


I am still cooking all the time and I often do not have time to post everything, but this Waldorf salad I made was exceptional, as I added seasoned grilled chicken.

Here is the recipe I used

Must Be Heaven is a sandwich, pie, and ice cream shop in downtown Brenham, Texas. I arrived on a weekend and I knew I was about to encounter something great because the line for service was stretching outside the restaurant. The workers and service staff take great pride in providing you with the best experience and food possible. The interior has a lot of antiques and historical items and the aromas summon a foodie like the pied piper.  The Reubens, sausage sandwiches, and sawdust pie are HEAVENLY! For more information visit

Here are some photos I took at the restaurant. I highly recommend it.

IMG_9010 IMG_9011 IMG_9013

2014 Albert Moyer, Jr.

I took these in Brenham, Texas on my 2014 wildflower photo run. Visit the full album on my page.

2014 Albert Moyer, Jr.

IMG_8991 IMG_8992 IMG_9030 IMG_9034 IMG_9036 IMG_9041 IMG_9042 IMG_9043 IMG_9056 IMG_9072 IMG_9079 IMG_9082 IMG_9103 IMG_9109


Hotel Zaza and the Mecom Fountains Hermann Park Houston

2014 Albert Moyer, Jr.


The Meacom Fountains Hermann Park

Dancing Waters 2014 Albert Moyer, Jr.


I came across this huge red ball art while riding my bike in Hermann park.

2014 Albert Moyer, Jr.