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Thai Insect Snack Plate

Jing Leed, Maeng Kee Noon, Non Mai, Non Pai, Tak Ga Tan, and Maeng Da. Wow! It is just easier for me to say,”Insects!” Perhaps I will get to try these someday. For more information about these, check out the following link



Photo from Google Images

The Asian Hornet has mandibles that tear and rip apart prey, a sting that delivers neurotoxins that destroy flesh, and poison that signals other hornets to sting until the prey dies. I hope they stay in Asia. This is one tough hornet.

Periodically, I come across birds that I cannot photo readily due to geographic location. This is one such bird. I never knew the Golden Pheasant, AKA The Chinese Pheasant existed, until I stumbled across this amazing photo by Thomas J. Walsh.  I read this bird is pretty native to China and Asia.

The Golden Pheasant


A Costa Rican friend sent this photo to me. The pink necked green pigeon is the most vibrant and colorful of all pigeons, and can be found in Southeast Asia.