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The Fall Dragonfly

2015 Albert Moyer, Jr. Photography

I hope you enjoy all the photos.

A “Day On The Farm”  photo collection by Albert Moyer, Jr.

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IMG_1310 IMG_1356 IMG_1234

2014 Albert Moyer, Jr. Photography

Recently, while camping, we discovered this huge caterpillar. It is America’s largest caterpillar, and it’s name is Hickory Horned Devil Caterpillar. It is docile, and harmless, but looks pretty wicked. It produces the Regal Moth.



Thai Insect Snack Plate

Jing Leed, Maeng Kee Noon, Non Mai, Non Pai, Tak Ga Tan, and Maeng Da. Wow! It is just easier for me to say,”Insects!” Perhaps I will get to try these someday. For more information about these, check out the following link


I took this photo at a butterfly hatchery and exhibit.


This macro photo was taken at Brazos Bend State Park Needville, Texas.