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The Little Donkey

2013 Albert Moyer, Jr. Photography

My Momma

Posted: October 8, 2013 in Poetry
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My Momma

A free verse poem dedicated to animals

My momma loves me.

My momma cares for me.

My momma feeds me.

My momma doesn’t diet.

My momma doesn’t need drugs.

My momma isn’t fashionable.

My momma doesn’t need electronics.

My momma knows where I am.

My momma’s family is close by.

My momma says that perhaps

Mankind can learn from her,

and all the other animals, because

The only things she fears is them.

The destruction they cause in

The environment and the world.

My momma says mankind is supposed

To be higher order thinkers, but

The animals seem to be smarter.

My momma says that mankind is suffering

because of their choices.

If only mankind could learn from

My momma.


I took this Giraffe  photo at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch.


I saw this squirrel and yelled,”Quit stealing nuts!” He then spread eagle and exposed his. How’s that for humor. You just never know what you will see in the great outdoors.