This is a prickly pear cactus photo I took at Guadalupe River State Park in Hunt, Texas. I might add that the fruits and cactus are delicious. Watch for rattlesnakes.


  1. I am seeing so many wonderful things via your posts. I cannot express how very thankful I am. I’ve never seen this type of picture before and certainly have never seen it in person. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • amoyer2013 says:

      You are welcome! If your ever down in West Texas they are everywhere. The fruits are delicious! You just have to peel them first with thick leather gloves to avoid the spines. Those little spines cause GREAT misery.

      • Thank you for responding. I love the fact you provide information about where pictures are taken, so if one should choose to travel they can check some of this places out. It’s amazing to me that you can just walk up to a place and pick this fruit!

  2. I have eaten a lot of plants courtesy of Euell Gibbons, but I did not like the Prickly Pear. Some of the flavored prickly pear jams are alright.

  3. michaelmulholland says:

    We have those here in Ca too…great to eat.

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