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This frog wins the coolest looking frog award.

Photo from Wikipedia.



Protecting the feet

On a street or a long trail

Some shine, some dirty.

2013 Albert Moyer, Jr.

This photo taken while sitting on a curb.



You fall from the sky

Making beautiful music

Rain you are for life

2013 Albert Moyer, Jr.

Photo from Google Images.



You need your hot meal

Your blood is red just like mine


2013 Albert Moyer, Jr.

Image from Google Images


Siamese Cat

Intelligent Cat.

Muscular, athletic, smart.

Companionship, love.

2013 Albert Moyer, Jr.

This photo from Google images.


There is no room in the kingdom of God for macho men trying to impress one another with their collections of “toys” or “possessions.” It doesn’t matter whether these toys are cars, biceps, girlfriends, church members, or certificates of deposit. There is no room for this power struggle.

Even our failures as Christian men are successes! They represent the miracle that you and I survived!

You can never become what you want until you can drop who you used to be.

God has commanded me to tell you that you are not who others say you are!….You are more than other people’s opinions. Why should others name you, determine who your are, and set the limits of your success?

Christian men you are a prince, and the devil knows it. That’s why he’s been trying to assassinate you.

True manhood doesn’t flow from the natural, it flows from God’s supernatural source.

Jesus Christ was both God and man, lion and lamb. The art is to have both and to know when to be which.

Many times relationships arrive at their demise because we fail to discern problems before they escalate to emergencies.

There is a difference between discussion and argument.  A discussion airs the issues, but an argument alleges charges and appoints blame.

People can never give you what they have not received.

If you want to climb from the mediocre to the supernatural, find someone who is doing what you want to do and do it with them.

God wants strong men who lead instead of weak men who only follow.

You can’t have genuine friendships if you hide your true self.

Once you understand God is committed to you, loneliness is impossible.

Many men struggle with commitment because we seldom see it in others.

If you want some good advice, don’t take the opinions of others to seriously.

Teach your children wisdom. Teach them how to make and handle money without worshipping it.

I am my wife’s resting post and my children’s compass. If I do not effect my family in a positive way, then my presence in my home is a disgrace to God!

Tell the enemy,”I am a man of prayer. I will be knocked no lower than my knees.”

Although God made a wonderful place for Adam to live, the man  remained less than complete. He needed a woman. Keep in mind, though, that she completed his purpose, not his person. If you’re not complete as a person, marriage will not help you.

When you decide to help somebody, you won’t have to carry them forever. Just get them to Jesus.

Faith for the believer is what gasoline is for the automobile.

It’s not enough for us to go to church together. We’re not really brothers until we can laugh and cry together.

We need heroes today.We need someone to believe in and look up to. We need role models and men shadows we may stand in, men who provide a cool, refreshing place of safety away from the despair of our oppressive society.

Thoughts are previews of coming attractions.

In a world where people seem void of commitment and become so easily distracted, it is comforting to know God will not give up on you.

For the complete list read the book titled,”T.D. Jakes Speaks to Men!”