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I’m gone. My wife too.

We have this house and no kids.

So this is for who?

2013 Albert Moyer, Jr.

I took this photo while biking.


The Pine Cone

Hanging from evergreen

I birth seeds for new tree life

I get old and fall

2013 Albert Moyer, Jr.

I took this photo while bike riding.



She was in my life

For but a brief time she was

My pretty flower.

2013 Albert Moyer, Jr.

I took this photo while biking.


I took this photo while bike riding around town.


The Fruit of The Fall

Adam taste the fruit.

For it will make you smarter.

Trust a woman, please.

2013 Albert Moyer, Jr.


Not to long ago, I posted a photo of the Pink-Necked Green Pigeon. It is a colorful bird. It’s aquatic rival is the Mandarin Fish. It has to be the most colorful fish around.

This photo was taken by unknown photographer.



After having a variety of species of fish over the years, I have learned to love and appreciate the guppy. Guppies are fairly easy to care for, colorful, and give birth to live young. A person who has guppies will never need to purchase fish again. You will be able to give people guppies, because they breed prolifically. They males are so active, one would think they produce their own Viagra. Laughs!

I saw this photo floating around on the internet, and I am not sure captured it, but it is fantastic! I have tried to take photos of my guppies, but their tails flutter like butterfly wings, and they constantly move about. This makes it almost impossible.

So here’s to guppies!


This photo is courtesy of National Geographic.

Puffins are one of my many favorite birds. They have this look of playful, intellectual, colorful, birds, in a tuxedo.